Battle of New York


Battle for Hamburg
Second Hunt for Vladimir Makarov


Battle of Paris
Battle of Berlin

6 October 2016 attacks

World War III


October 6th, 2016


London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
Bern, Switzerland
Brussels, Belgium
Berlin, Germany
Rome, Italy
Copenhagen, Denmark
Warsaw, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary

  • Inner Circle tactical victory
    • Detonates hundreds of rigged trucks packed with deadly biochemical WMDs, killing thousands of civilians
    • All targeted nations declare war on the Ultranationalists
  • Beginning of World War III in Europe

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Spain Flag Spain
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) Switzerland
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Belgium (civil) Belgium
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Hungary Hungary

Inner Circle Inner Circle
Fregata Fregata Industries


Flag of the United Kingdom Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom MacMillan
Flag of France President of France
Flag of France Commander Morel
Flag of Germany Chancellor of Germany
Spain Flag King/Queen of Spain
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) President of Switzerland
Flag of Italy President of Italy
Flag of Belgium (civil) Prime Minister of Belgium
Flag of Poland President of Poland
Flag of Denmark Prime Minister of Denmark
Flag of the Czech Republic President of the Czech Republic
Flag of Hungary President of Hungary

Inner Circle Vladimir Makarov
Fregata Volk


Flag of the United Kingdom British Armed Forces

Flag of France Armées françaises

Flag of Germany Bundeswehr
Spain Flag Fuerzas Armadas Españolas
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) Military of Switzerland
Flag of Italy Forze Armate Italiane
Flag of Belgium (civil) L'armée belge
Flag of Poland SZ RP
Flag of Denmark Forsvaret
Flag of the Czech Republic Armáda České republiky
Flag of Hungary Magyar Honvédség

Inner Circle Inner Circle Forces
Fregata Fregata industries bomb maker


35,000 Civilians killed in Paris (according to the opening cutscene of Bag and Drag)

at least several hundred

The October 6, 2016 Terrorist Attacks were the Inner Circle's initial strike against Europe in the opening moments of the Russian Army's invasion.

Following the unsuccessful SAS operation at Canary Wharf, Charity Worldwide trucks all across Europe, driven by Inner Circle operatives, exploded, releasing large amounts of an unknown biochemical agent across major European cities, near or at the location of each nations' main intelligence agency.[1]

Immediately following the chemical attacks, the Russian military commenced their invasion of Europe, overrunning most of Eastern and Central Europe like the Balkans Peninsula, the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Turkey and Poland within hours, and reaching the German-French border within a day of the invasion,[2] and starting World War III.