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Oleg Puskov
Sgt Oleg Puskov
Puskov on the shore of the Volga before moving to take Mamaev Kurgan
Appears in Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Red Army, 13th Guards Rifle Division
Status K.I.A.
Death September 20, 1942, Mamayev Kurgan
Weapon PPSh-41 Submachine Gun
"Alright comrade, you're with me. Pay attention, and follow my orders, or I will shoot you myself."
— Sgt. Puskov to Pvt. Sokolov

Sergeant Oleg Puskov (Russian: Олег Пусков) was a Russian soldier who fought in World War II, and was killed at the Battle of Stalingrad. Puskov is seen in Call of Duty: Finest Hour as Private Sokolov's commander.


Pre-War HistoryEdit

Puskov's birthplace and birth date remains unknown, though it is probable he is older than Sokolov or even Pavelovna. As seen in Stalingrad, he is experienced, which implies he had seen action with the Red Army beforehand.

September 20, 1942 - Battle of StalingradEdit

Puskov had gone down to the docks to scrounge up reinforcements to re-take Mamayev Kurgan. He had only found one; the just-arrived and unluckily unarmed Private Aleksandr Sokolov. Nevertheless, Puskov led Sokolov up the hill and guided him safely through the Machine Gun fire and artillery shells. Soon they found a fallen smokestack funnel which led them directly into the Refinery, which was contested by the opposing forces. Puskov led the assault which took back the Refinery and forced the German forces in the immediate area to fall back.

Afterwards, Puskov and Sokolov observed their fellow comrades engaging in a mass attack against a Machine Gun nest. Puskov, more knowledgeable and calm, guided Sokolov in a flanking assault upon the nest, taking it. From there, they went right into a building which overlooked the park, their main objective.

Puskov, Sokolov, and other assorted Russians began systematically clearing the building of German resistance, until they came across a set of windows overlooking the park, along with the bunker and two of the pillboxes stationed atop it. Puskov directed his forces to pour fire on the advancing Germans, keeping them away from the building.


Puskov then noticed a Sniper hidden within the park, taking aim upon Sokolov- who was effectively manning a confiscated MG42. Puskov pushed Sokolov out of the way, taking a fatal rifleshot in the process. He died instantly.

Gameplay Edit

Oleg Puskov is the first supportive NPC character you see in the game. He uses a PPSh-41 Submachine Gun through both Not One Step Back and the first part of The Flag Must Fall. He is unkillable up until the plot demands his death. Also, Puskov sports a unique look amongst the Soviet characters in the first two missions- he wears a ushanka with the ears left untied and drooped down, and his jacket is designed for cold weather, which will be found in plentiful amounts in Operation Little Saturn.

During the course of the first mission, Puskov guides you and instructs you when to get down and take cover. The fact he is unkillable makes him especially useful in clearing out German forces that are perhaps too numerous and well-armed for the player to engage.

Quotes Edit

  • "Alright comrade, you're with me. Pay attention, and follow my orders, or I will shoot you myself."
  • "It's a mass attack. There headed straight for those machine guns! I know a better way in. Follow me!"
  • "You're still alive comrade, I'm impressed."
  • "German sniper! Look out comrade!"

Trivia Edit

  • When he plants explosives and takes cover behind a wall, his health still drops.
  • The name Puskov means "Starting" in Russian.

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