On Approach
On Aproach CoD4DS
Previous level Intervention
Next level Hard Impact
Game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)
Character Parker
Place Basrah, Iraq
Date 0800 hrs. Day 3, 2011
Objective Assault the objective's compound and apprehend the "Bagman".
Enemies OpFor
"Whoo Hoo! Yeah! Way to light that place on fire!"
— Hawk 1's pilot

On Approach is the fourth level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).



In the mission, Parker is a door gunner on a UH-60 Blackhawk named "Hawk 1". "Hawk 1" and another Black Hawk named "Hawk 2" are part of the large force of marines that attack the capital city in "Shock and Awe". The level starts with command ordering "Hawk 1" and "Hawk 2" to go and capture the man who is funding the OpFor the "bag man". "Hawk 2" takes the lead and spots enemies on an overpass. "Hawk 1" moves in and Parker fires at them with his Minigun. After taking out the enemies on the overpass Parker and "Hawk 2" move on and get attacked again from a gas station. Parker fires at them until they are all dead and keep moving on while getting attacked. When they reach the city, Vasquez radios "Hawk 1" and asks for air support. "Hawk 1" obeys the request and moves in to provide air support while "Hawk 2" keeps moving on to capture the bag man. Parker fires on enemies with small arms, and RPG-7s who are trying to attack them and Vasquez's platoon. After supporting his platoon Vasquez thanks Parker and "Hawk 1" and proceeds with the mission. "Hawk 1" keeps on moving through the city and Parker keeps firing at the OpFor on the ground. When "Hawk 1" meets up with "Hawk 2" an RPG-7 fires from one of the buildings and shoots down "Hawk 2". Command sends a rescue team to get the downed pilots, and orders "Hawk 1" to keep going.


Seen in level


  • The OpFor soldier with the RPG-7 has a plot armor, as he can't be killed until he has fired the launcher.