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Operation Black Flag
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Previous level Operation Dark Quarry
Next level Operation Blood Storm
Game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Character Nick Reyes
Team Special Combat Air Recon
Place Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, Earth
Date May 7th
Objective Prisoner Escort
Find the crashed UNSA transport.
Stop Riah from calling in the SDF fleet.

Trap is Sprung
Fly a Jackal to the Olympus Mons.
Secure the hangar of the Olympus Mons.
Take out the C12 guarding the elevator.
Get on the elevator.
Get to the bridge of Olympus Mons.
Hack a robot on the bridge.
Stop Adm. Salen Kotch before he self-destructs the Olympus Mons.
Go to Adm. Kotch.

Enemies Settlement Defense Front
Multiplayer map Retaliation, Renaissance
"Return to Earth to lure the SDF fleet into a trap."
— In-game description
"It's time to raise the black flag and start cutting throats."
Nick Reyes before the briefing.

"Operation Black Flag" is the sixth campaign level in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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