Operation Breakout
Operation Breakout WWII
Call of Duty: WWII
AlliedPowers Allied Powers (9th Infantry Division, "Old Reliables")
AxisPowersPlaceholder Axis Powers (352nd Infantry Division, Wehrmacht)
Six miles west of Saint-Lô, Normandy, France
War Mode
Type of Combat
Combined Arms Warfare
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
Operation Cobra, Stronghold, and S. O. E.
Operation Breakout
"Our mission is to destroy a battery of AA guns that's shooting down our bombers but we have to push through enemy territory and take out those guns before kraut reinforcements arrive."
— Allies
"Our mission is to delay the enemy until reinforcements arrive and protect our flak guns. That battery will keep enemy bombers out of the skies."
— Axis

Operation Breakout is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: WWII that is exclusive to the War Mode.


On July 25th, 1944, six miles west of Saint-Lô, the Wehrmacht are shooting down Allied bombers. The Germans must hold off the Allies until time runs out. The Allies must:

  • Capture and secure a manor to use as a Forward Operating Base
  • Push into the nearby town and construct a bridge
  • Destroy the flak guns' ammo cache.
  • Escort the friendly tank to the church so it can destroy the flak guns.

Throughout the map the player also has the ability to construct various objects, such as a MG42 machine gun nest, that can then be used to assist teammates as they try to complete objectives.

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