Operation Breakout
Operation Breakout Loading Screen WWII
Call of Duty: WWII
AlliedPowers Allied Powers (9th Infantry Division, "Old Reliables")
AxisPowersPlaceholder Axis Powers (352nd Infantry Division, Wehrmacht)
Six miles west of Saint-Lô, Normandy, France
July 25th, 1944
War Mode
Type of Combat
Combined Arms Warfare
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
Operation Cobra, Stronghold, and S.O.E.
Operation Breakout
"Furious battle across a war-torn French village. Features multiple high-intensity combat scenarios involving short and medium range gameplay."
— Description
"Our mission is to destroy a battery of AA guns that's shooting down our bombers but we have to push through enemy territory and take out those guns before kraut reinforcements arrive."
— Allies
"Our mission is to delay the enemy until reinforcements arrive and protect our flak guns. That battery will keep enemy bombers out of the skies."
— Axis

Operation Breakout is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: WWII that is exclusive to the War Mode setting a battle between the 9th Infantry Division, "Old Reliables" and 352nd Infantry Division, Wehrmatcht over the destruction or protection of flak cannons in Normandy, France.


On July 25th, 1944, six miles west of Saint-Lô, the 352nd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht are shooting down Allied bombers with the use of several FlaK 88s situated around the town. The 9th Infantry Division, better known as the "Old Reliables", of the Allied Powers attempt to push into the town in order to neutralize the FlaK 88s for their bombers to continue on their various missions.

Throughout the map the player has the ability to construct various objects, such as a MG42 machine gun nest, that can then be used to assist teammates as they try to complete objectives.



Second largest section. Close to medium range engagements. Capturing or defending involves a full percentage bar.

Deployment/Spawn Point:Edit

  • Allies - Manor Approach.
  • Axis - Forest to Manor Backyard.


"Capture the command post to get intel on kraut defenses."
— Allies

Capture Command Post. Allies must push through and secure German FOB to gain intel. They're deployed on Manor Approach composing of different building structures and war vehicles using as both coverage and flanking routes. When entering the manor, explosives are utilized to breach barricaded wooden walls. 


"Defend the command post and the classified intel it holds."
— Axis

Defend Command Post. Axis Must defend their FOB while preventing Allies from gaining their intel. They're deployed in a forested area. Most of the battle occurs on the ground floor of the manor. They can build barricaded wooden walls and mounted machine guns on windows. 


Smallest section. Long range engagements. Specifically, Sniper Rifles. Contruction or halting contruction involves a half percentage bar. A creek seperates both forces but won't restrict anyone from crossing other sides.

Deployment/Spawn Point:Edit

  • Allies - Forest.
  • Axis - Town Approach.


"We've capture the command post. Kraut intel's gonna help win the war. Build a bridge to replace the one the krauts destroyed. Then we can advance."
— Allies

Contruct the Bridge. Allies must repair a kraut destroyed bridge to push through the town. Probably the most difficult objective for the Allies due to Axis sniper fire from ground or above leveled building. However, a barn situated on their side to perform similar engagement. Once, repaired, a battle tank will advance.  


"The enemy captured our command post but the battle isn't over yet. Stop the enemy from rebuilding the bridge we destroyed. If they succeed, their tank will advance."
— Axis

Halt Bridge Construction. After the Allies manage to capture the FOB, the Germans are forced to retreat back across a creek. Axis must stall the construction of the bridge long enough for German reinforcements to arrive. With two second floor buldings on left and right, they can shoot down anyone attempting to repair the bridge.


Second smallest section. Meduim range engagements. Destroying or defending ammo supply involves a 45s timer bar.

Deployment/Spawn Point:Edit

  • Allies - Town.
  • Axis - Ammunition Dump.


"We build the bridge. Move up! Destroy that German ammo supplies so they won't have ammunition for their AA guns."
— Allies

Destroy Ammo Dump. Allies must pant a bomb on German ammo supply to ensure it successfully detonates and destroys. The battle tank is accessible to use and ride on. There are several opened building used as flanking routes. Fortified walling can be destroyed however, it isn't a neccessity.


"The enemy built their bridge but keep fighting. Reinforcements are on their way. Defend the ammunition supply. If it's destroyed, we lose the ammo for our flak guns."
— Axis

Defend Ammo Dump. After the Allies manage to reconstruct the bridge, the Germans will fall back to their ammo supply within the town, which provides their FlaK 88s ammunition. The Germans can fortify the perimeter around the ammo supply in order to buy themselves some time for German reinforcements to arrive and ultimately, stop the Allies. 


Largest section. Medium to long range engagements. Escorting or prevention involves a three stage percentage bar.

  • Stage 1 - Town.
  • Stage 2 - Church Approach. 
  • Stage 3 - Church Yard.

First two stages aren't too complicated. Third stage, however, will be brutal.

Deployment/Spawn Point:Edit

  • Allies - Depending on how they advance.
  • Axis - Depending on retreating of advancement.


"We did it!The Kraut's ammo supply is destroyed. Protect our tank so we can get within range of the main battery then we can destroy the kraut 88's."
— Allies

Escort the Tank. After the destruction of the German ammo supply, the Allies must now escort their tank to the Flak 88 battery behind the church. 


Stop The Tank. Axis must prevent the destruction of their flak guns by delaying the arrival of Allies battle tank.


If the Allies are successful in escorting their tank to the church, the Wehrmacht soldiers will flee as the tank destroys the FlaK 88 battery, allowing Allied bombers to continue with their missions as three of them fly over the destroyed AA guns.

If the Wehrmacht are successful at any point in stopping the Allied advance, the German FlaK 88s will continue destroying Allied bombers as a battalion of German reinforcements arrive.