Operation Husky

Gela Beach, Sicily

July 10th, 1943

0300 Hours

(On board an American amphibious DUKW, Pvt. Roger and his squad of Sgt. Hawkins, Pvt. Kelly, Pvt. Bloomfield, and Pvt. Denley, are approaching the beaches of the town of Gela, Sicily with several other American and British landing craft of both DUKWs and Higgins boats. In the distance, Italian AA fire and searchlights fill the sky, which is divided between burning red from the fires caused by the naval artillery barrage, and clear blue with the full moon poking through the clouds. Gliders from the U.S. 82nd Airborne Divison can be seen flying towards the island as well. Kelly meanwhile, is feeling seasick, and after some coughs and gags, turns around to throw up over the side of the DUKW, into the water. As he recovers, Denley is growing impatient with how long it is taking them to arrive on the beachhead.)

Denley: "Can't this DUKW go any faster?!"

Bloomfield: "Two-and-a-half tons of all-wheel drive? Just be glad it floats!"

DUKW Driver: "One minute to the beach! One minute!"

Hawkins: "Okay, listen up! This isn't going to be like Africa. They know we're coming. This beach is heavily defended. Expect bunkers, barbed wire, and the like. This is the real thing, gentlemen."

Bloomfield: "Yeah, like Africa was a walk in the park, right Sarge?"

Hawkins: "Remember: Maintain your intervals. I'd better see lots of space between men. I do not want to lose an entire squad to a single mortar round!"

DUKW Driver: "Thirty seconds!"

Hawkins: "You know the drill: Get on shore, and establish a beachhead. Clear all obstacles and secure a road inland."

(Just as Hawkins finishes giving his instructions and Kelly locks and loads his M1 Garand, gunfire begins ricocheting off the DUKW's armor as the .50-cal gunner grunts as he's hit and slumps out of the turret onto the driver.)

Hawkins: "Dammit! Heads down!"

(Hawkins helps the driver by moving the dead gunner's body away so he can drive while the rest of the squad duck to avoid being hit by a stray round.)

Hawkins: (To the player) "Get on that turret, now!"

(Roger moves to take the dead gunner's place on the .50-cal. As he does, one of the DUKW's around them suddenly explodes from striking an enemy mine planted in the water ahead of the invasion.)

Kelly: "Mines!"

Hawkins: "Take out those mines, Private, or we're not going to make it to the beach!"

(Roger destroys as many mines as he can with the .50-cal, including any in front of his own DUKW as it approaches the beach.)

Hawkins: "Almost there! Stay on your toes!"

(As they get close, an enemy machine gun in a pillbox opens up on them, but is quickly silenced by a direct hit from naval artillery. Another DUKW comes ashore just ahead of Roger's, which comes ashore next to it before the squad deploys and advances onto the beachhead.)

Hawkins: "Dismount! Move, move, move!"

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