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Operation Kingfish
Operation Kingfish 2013 group crop
Members of the group. From left to right: Soap, Price, Sandman and Ghost.
Team Task Force 141, Delta Force
Date October 8th, 2013[1]
Objective Find Kingfish
Enemies Inner Circle
For the prequel film, see Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish.

Operation Kingfish was the codename for a mission that occurred on October 8th, 2013, which saw the joint collaboration of both Task Force 141 and Delta Force.


The operation took place in the Karkonosze Mountains, Ukraine. Delta Force members Sandman and Frost were positioned on a hilltop overlooking a facility belonging to Vladimir Makarov with a Barrett .50cal whilst Task Force 141 members, including Captain Price, Soap, Ghost and Roach stealthily approached the facility.

After Delta sniped a soldier posted on a rooftop, Task Force 141 attacked the facility from the ground, with the assistance of an AC-130 Gunship (callsign Spectre 6-4). Upon entering the facility, Task Force cleared the rooms of any remaining soldiers and discovered a room that was full of information about Makarov and his plans to target Price's team, presumably in revenge for Zakhaev's death. However, it was a trap, as Makarov's men had placed C4 underneath one of the tables, which exploded shortly after the Task Force discovered the information. However, none of them were killed in the process.

Delta and Task Force attempted to escape the grounds of the facility with the assistance of the AC-130, but it was shot down by an RPG. Soap was wounded in a nearby explosion during the escape, causing the rest of the team to have to carry him to the evac point, with Price staying behind to cover them as they escape. The rest of the team got into the evac helicopter, but it was ordered to leave immediately, not leaving enough time for Price to get on board. Price was left behind and captured by Makarov's soldiers, resulting in his transfer to the Gulag.

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