Operation Sand Viper
Operation Sand Viper Face Off CoDG
Team Various Tier One Teams
Place Iranian Border[1]
Date 2005[2]
Objective Defend civilian hospital from incoming hostile forces.

Protect and extract occupants.

Enemies Unknown Opposition Forces
"It was a different time, a different enemy. Sixty men, from Tier One teams, were sent to face down a force of five hundred enemy fighters."
— Elias Walker

Operation Sand Viper was a Joint Tier One military operation of the United States of America, presumably during the Tel Aviv War that led to the formation of the Ghosts. Special Forces officers Gabriel Rorke and Elias Walker were assigned to lead 58 Tier One operators including Navy SEAL Thomas Merrick to defend a civilian hospital from five hundred enemy combatants intent on massacring the occupants.


Sixty men from Tier One teams were deployed to somewhere in the Middle East with the main objective of protecting a hospital and its occupants inside from a large force of approximately five hundred enemy combatants. After three days of heavy fighting, the sixty were eventually cut down to fifteen. It was at this point that the US Special Forces teams decided to evacuate the hospital's occupants led by one of the operators. The other fourteen returned to the line and hid beneath the bodies of their fallen brethren. When the enemy soldiers arrived, the fourteen American soldiers attacked in a method so fierce and so quick that they defeated their enemies. They resorted to their weapons, knives, and even their bare hands.

After the fight, only one of the enemy combatants survived. He was spared and left to live to tell the tale to others. He described a force so menacing and feared to his companions. From that, he called its members "Ghosts".

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  1. According to the Rorke File detailing Thomas Merrick's psychological evaluation, Operation Sand Viper takes place on the Iranian Border.
  2. The French version of the game states that the operation took place in early 2005