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Operation Shamrock & Awe is a special event that was live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered from March 14th, 2017 to April 3rd, 2017[1]. With Operation Shamrock & Awe, several new items were released, including 4 collections worth of items, 6 new challenges, a new gamemode and a second remaster of the map Downpour, as Daybreak.



Daybreak MWR


Daybreak is a revision of the map Downpour, placing Downpour during the daytime and with clear skies. Throughout Daybreak is an Irish theme, featuring map objects such as the Irish flag, shamrocks, leprechauns, castles, pots of gold and a rainbow. The map is available for free to all platforms, and is available for use in private matches.

Daybreak 24/7Edit

Daybreak 247 Menu Icon MWR

Daybreak 24/7

With the addition of Daybreak came the release of a seasonal gamemode, Daybreak 24/7. All games played with this mode will occur on Daybreak, as either Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed or Hardpoint. Daybreak 24/7 was taken off the playlist on April 3rd, 2017.

Folium & Prism Camouflages Edit

Folium Camo Menu Icon MWR

Folium Camouflage

Prism Camo Menu Icon MWR

Prism Camouflage

Added with Operation Shamrock & Awe came two new camouflages available for the player to unlock via completing certain challenges. Folium Camouflage and Prism Camouflage are able to be unlocked for weapon classes after completing specific challenges on Daybreak, similar to the Ugly Sweater and Gift Wrap camouflages for Winter Crash.

To unlock Folium camouflage, the player must win 10 games (Assault Rifles), call in 10 UAVs (Submachine Guns), flash 25 enemies (Light Machine Guns), kill 10 enemies with frag grenades (Shotguns), kill 50 enemies (Sniper Rifles) and kill 10 enemies with melee (Pistols).

To unlock Prism camouflage, the player must win 50 games (Assault Rifles), call in 30 UAVs (Submachine Guns), flash 100 enemies (Light Machine Guns), kill 50 enemies with frag grenades (Shotguns), kill 500 enemies (Sniper Rifles) and kill 50 enemies with melee (Pistols).

Shamrock & Awe Supply DropsEdit

Shamrock & Awe Supply Drop MWR

Shamrock & Awe Supply Drop

Weekly Supply Drop MWR

The Free Weekly Supply Drop

For a limited time, Shamrock & Awe supply drops were available to the player, for a price of 30 Depot Credits or 200 CODPoints. One free Shamrock & Awe supply drop was given to the player for free per week, for a maximum of three for the entire duration of the operation. Inside these special supply drops were two items from the Operation Lion Strike collection pool, and one item from the Operation Shamrock & Awe collection pool, with a guarantee that at least one item is of quality Rare or higher. The Shamrock & Awe supply drop is the only method of obtaining Operation Shamrock & Awe exclusive items available to the player, and was taken off the Depot on April 3rd, 2017.

Shamrock & Awe CollectionsEdit

Shamrock & Awe Supply Drop Card Back MWR

Operation Shamrock & Awe supply drop card

The release of Operation Shamrock & Awe was also accompanied with new supply drop content only available during the active operation. A total of 3 collections were added, with 22 items spanned across the collections. A fourth collection was also added, that is unlocked after completing the other collections, and consists of a single item. The item allows the player to change their character model to Darren "Graves" Cosgrave, the owner of the Depot. An item found in a supply drop that is from the Shamrock & Awe collections are noted with a shamrock on the back of the card.

Shamrock & AweEdit



Pot O' GoldEdit




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