Ryan Jackson: On July 19th, 1979, as KGB supported Sandista forces entered Managua, an agency false flag operation evacuated members of the pro U.S. National Guard, a pre-cursor to the Contras, to Miami for counter-revolutionary training. Their primary POC, an Agency deep cover operative, was burned by KGB counterintelligence and subsequently abducted. The man in question, far too plugged in to the NG, could not be left in the cold. Alex Mason was sent to bring him in.


Mason overlooks the deep cover operative being transported by enemy agents.

Hudson: Get ready, Mason. Here he comes. We only got one shot at this.

Mason: We'll get him. Don't worry. He's gonna be on that plane.

Hudson: Wait for him to initiate. Wait for it...

The operative attacks one of the enemy agents.

Hudson: Now! Protect him!

Mason shoots all the agents and the soldiers trying to kill the operative.

Hudson: Stay with him!

More soldiers enter the area, and Mason takes them out.

Hudson: You can't cover him from there! Move up!

Mason leaves the sniper area and moves downstairs.

Hudson: We got company! Stay alert!

He fights through a room and reaches a balcony overlooking the operative's route.

Hudson: Stay with him!

Mason covers the operative as he takes cover. Eventually, he will begin moving again.

Hudson: He's in the home stretch! Keep your eyes peeled!

A truck rolls up and enemy soldiers hop out, attacking the operative. Mason takes them out, and the operative begins moving again.

Hudson: He's making a break for the extraction point!

He runs to the door at the end of the street and enters the building.

Hudson: He's in. Nice work, Mason. Have a smoke. You earned it.