This is the list of the characters' quotes from the Exo Zombies map Outbreak.


"I got my supersuit!"
— When equipping Exosuit
"Yeah, just like in sim training!"
— Boosting the first time after getting Exosuit

"Yeah, turn them all on."
— When getting Security
"Like Exo vitamins, I guess."
— When buying Exo Health
"Like it!"
— When buying Exo Medic
"This looks promising."
— When buying Exo Slam
"The ultimate zombie off switch."
— When getting DNA Bomb
"Alright, just like Fire Sale!"
— When getting the Power Surge power-up (a reference to the Fire Sale power-up from Zombies mode).

"You fucks wanna cover me? I gotta reload!"
— When Reloading

— After getting a headshot
"Sit down, bitch!"
— Killing a zombie after being hit by one

"Yeah, buddy! That is an orbital drop! Woo!!"
— When an Orbital Care Package drops from space
"Aaaaaand Decker made it so!"
— After turning on a Power Station
"It's weird, it is here. Normally I'm much more organized. Always kept that thing with me."
— Picking up his ID badge
"Huh, never got this kind of clearance before."
— After getting maximum clearance level


"Time to suit up."
— When equipping the Exosuit.
"Holy shit!"
— When boosting for the first time.

"Shit, I'm getting low."
— When low on ammo

"Lock and load."
— When getting Full Reload
— When equipping Exo Medic
"I like it."
— When equipping Exo Slam
"Faster reloads!"
— When equipping Exo Reload

— When reloading
"An-G, what do we know about Sub-Level 6?"
— Conversing with An-G
"Kennels? That's where we keep the security dogs!"
— When a Security Dogs round starts
"Game over, dude! Game over!"
— When downed (a reference to the move Aliens)
"It looks encrypted."
— Picking up the black box
"For what it's worth, here's my ID badge. I wonder if it ever had the clearance I thought it did."
— Picking up his ID badge

"An orbital drop, it's how Atlas sends supplies."
— When an orbital drop is dropped.
"An orbital drop...Atlas must be watching from a satellite."
— When collecting an orbital drop.


"Hope it fits..."
— When equipping Exosuit
"Holy... I'm flying!"
— When boosting

"I need some more rounds."
— When out of ammo
"Damn, gotta watch my ammo."
— When out of ammo
"Gonna run out..."
— When low on ammo

"Double the trouble."
— When getting Multiplier
"Up by a factor of two."
— When getting Multiplier.
"That'll help out."
— When getting Full Reload
"Haha, serves you right!"
— When getting Security

— When reloading
"Boom... I'm gonna walk away in slow motion now."
— After an explosive kill. This is a reference to the various action movies featuring the title character walking away from an explosion in slow motion.
"This one's online."
— When approaching an active 3D Printer
"I love these printers. Not the first time I had a fresh set of ID printed through these babies. Thank you me."
— When acquiring her ID badge.
"Really? No power again?"
— When entering a room without the power on.
"You were in a war?"
— In response to Oz' quote about being in the war when he buys Exo Slam.
"Now don't get any ideas."
— After being revived
"I'll try this out."
— When getting Exo soldier
"Help me please!"
— When going down
"We got another of these."
— When the 3D Printer malfunctions.

"An orbital drop. That means... ATLAS is watching."
— When an Orbital Care Package drops
"I'll consider this my next raise"
— When getting credits


"Whatever these things are, remember, they're probably more scared of us, than we are of them. No, I don't really believe that."
— When starting a game
"Everyone, shut the fuck up, and start killing things."
— When starting a game
"Picked the wrong day to show up sober."
— When starting a game
"Keep your aim true."
— When starting a game

"Double the... we get points for this?"
— When picking up Multiplier
"I don't get it. Why do I need points?"
— When picking up a Multiplier
"Oh..shit just got REAL real with this."
— When picking up a DNA Bomb
"I'm gonna play me some doctor."
— When equipping Exo Medic
"Just like the war...only better."
— When buying Exo Slam
"Fastest reload EVER."
— When buying Exo Reload
"Make it rain lasers, mon!"
— When activating the Security power-up.

— When acquiring a weapon from the 3D Printer.
"Printer's offline."
— When the 3D Printer malfunctions.
"Dammit! I was using that."
— When the 3D Printer malfunctions.
"Fuck. I was using it."
— When the 3D Printer malfunctions.

"Alright alright."
— When equipping an Exo suit
"That's for being such a nasty... BITCH!"
— Killing a zombie
"Say "Hello" to your mother."
— Killing a zombie
"That's far enough Mr. cocksucking zombie."
— Killing a zombie
"See you in Hell."
— Killing a zombie
"Bombs...go's what they do."
— After an explosive kill
"Shot the arm off?"
— After shooting a zombie's arm off
"Guess he didn't need it."
— After a headshot kill
"Good on ya', bomb."
— After an explosive kill
— After turning on a Power Station
"Need more coin."
— When trying to buy something without enough points
"Fuck you, ATLAS."
— When the round is changing.
"That's it for that wave. Hey, do you think the ATLAS comm sat can see me flippin' them the bird?"
— When the round is changing.
"Screw ATLAS!"
— When starting a new round
— After being revived by a teammate
"An-G, tell everybody about how ATLAS, is just trying to ASS-FUCK us, with our pants on! Go on, tell them!"
— Responding to An-G
"You're a puppet, An-G. You're a damn puppet!"
— Responding to An-G
"Ohh... that'll churn your stomach."
— When boosting for the first time with the Exo suit
"Ohh... really?"
— When hitting a ceiling while boosting
"Kennels? Fuck you. I hate dogs."
— When a Security Dogs round starts
"Take your pick."
— In response to Lilith's response to a quote by Oz.
"I'm out of everything?!"
— After running out of ammo.
"Need more rounds."
— After running out of ammo.
"Need you to save my ass, people."
— When downed.
"Come on you fuckers, help me out!"
— When downed.
"Where are you guys?"
— When downed.

"This shit's encrypted."
— Picking up the black box
"Uhm we're gonna need to upgrade the security clearance for all four of our badge IDs to get past the encryption. But we're gonna have to find them first."
— After connecting the black box to the computer in the Morgue.
"What is my badge doing here? I've never even been to this place before today. Someone must have took it. Trying to pull one over on ol' Oz... Fuck that shit."
— Picking up his ID badge
"Something happened. I assume that is a good thing."
— After getting maximum clearance level

"An orbital drop, it's how ATLAS sends supplies."
— When an Orbital Care Package drops
"This looks like a space egg."
— When collecting an Orbital Care Package
"This shit came from space!"
— When collecting an Orbital Care Package


"Weapons station."
— When approaching a wall weapon.
"Welcome to the weapons station. Pick your instrument of death carefully."
— Approaching a wall weapon
"3D Printer online."
— When approaching an active 3D Printer

"This power station is available and ready for use."
— When approaching a Power Station.
"Power has been restored to {section name}"
When activating a Power Station.

"Full reload."
— When a Full Reload is acquired
— When a Security is acquired
— When a Multiplier is acquired
"DNA Bomb."
— When a DNA Bomb is acquired
"Hyper damage activated."
— When a Hyper-Damage is acquired

"Attention: kennels are open."
— When a Security Dog round starts
"Identity unknown. Please try again."
— When Oz activates his hand scanner
"Identity confirmed. Hello Lilith Swann/Jim Decker/Mr. Kahn."
— When Lilith, Decker and Kahn activate their respective hand scanner

Multiple Characters Conversations Edit

Decker & Kahn Edit

Decker: Phew... This is crazy.

Kahn: No shit. What's your point?

Decker: We're gonna make it through this.

Kahn: Well you sound pretty confident.

Decker: I've been training for this.

Kahn: Oh you've been training for this??


Decker: You see sir, what did I tell you? We made it this far.

Kahn: We got a long way to go, Decker.

Decker: Just gotta hold out a little longer...

Kahn: Who the fuck do you think is coming to save us, Decker?

Decker: Atlas will come for us. They never leave a man behind.

Kahn: Lemme tell ya... You don't know them the way I do.

Decker: Look, they... keep sending us supply drops, don't they? Atlas is watching!

Kahn: They're watching alright...

Decker: I'm telling you, they are going to come. They want us alive!

Kahn: That's what troubles me...

Decker: I don't get you. Aren't you corporate? Aren't you valuable to them?

Kahn: Not the way you think I am.


Kahn: Decker! What do you think is really going on here?!

Decker: I'll tell you what we're fucking doing. We're fighting for our FUCKING LIVES here, that's what!

Kahn: THINK! What started this?! Why wasn't I told?!

Decker: Must've been an oversight.

Kahn: Decker, don't you see? Oz is right! We're expendable!!

Decker: Well I don't fucking know, Oz is crazy! And lemme tell you something else: you're fucking crazy.

Decker & Oz Edit

Decker: Gotta tell you, you're a pretty good shot, old man!

Oz: Thanks.

Decker: Hey Oz, I'm not too bad myself, huh?

Oz: Could use some work.

Decker: You were joking about my shooting, ain't that right Oz?

Oz: You're too tense. Loosen up, kid.

Decker: I'm sorry, "kid"? Were you paying attention, Oz? I'm a crackshot!

Oz: You're a crack-something...

Decker: Oz, where in the world would you have seen a better shot than me?

Oz: Lilith is pretty good.

Decker: Fuck off...

Oz: Stop trying to impress everyone, just kill shit.

Decker: You're kind of a dick, Oz. You know that?

Oz: And they say I'm the crazy one...

Decker: I was just thinking, when Atlas rescues us, I kinda hope you get left behind.

Oz: I think Atlas is laughing at you right now, they're fucking laughing at you.

Decker: So, what? You really don't think Atlas is coming?

Oz: How about you work on shutting the fuck up?

Decker: Hey Oz, lemme ask you something: if you hate Atlas so much, why do you work for them?

Oz: I'm surrounded by a hundred mutant zombie things, and one idiot who won't... SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Decker: The fuck is with you Oz, what's your problem?!

Decker & Lilith Edit

Lilith: Decker, are you smiling?

Decker: That's just the adrenaline pumping.

Lilith: You're enjoying this too much, Decker.

Decker: I think you're just jealous that I'm a better shot than you.

Lilith: I'm a better everything than you.

Decker: Shut it, Lilith.

Lilith: Shot my first gun today, Decker. I'm as good as you. You, what uh, trained your whole life?


Lilith: You're such a badass, Decker. How come you never became a full-on soldier?

Decker: Security's an important job.

Lilith: Did a helluva job today, didn't you?

Decker: Hey what's your problem, Lilith?

Lilith: Really?? Look around.

Decker: Don't have to pretend with me, Lilith.

Lilith: Pretend?

Decker: I know what you're up to, you're playing the tough girl. You don't wanna look weak.

Lilith: Got news for you, Decker: I AM the tough girl, and you're a total asshat.


Decker: I'm sorry about earlier, alright? I didn't mean to...

Lilith: Just fucking shoot things, alright Decker?

Decker: Hey Lilith? Do me a favor and squeeze the trigger.

Lilith: What?

Decker: No, you're pulling. Don't pull. Squeeze, you'll aim better.

Lilith: You don't need to follow me around, Decker.

Decker: I wasn't!


Decker: Hey Lilith, you're acting like a bitch and it's gonna get us killed! I don't know what your problem is, but we're in this together!

Lilith: Trust me... You're in this all by yourself.

Lilith & Kahn Edit

Lilith: What was in Sub-Level 6?

Kahn: Hell if I know.

Lilith: Aren't you in charge?

Kahn: Does it look like I'm in charge?

Lilith: Kahn, how could you not know about any of this? How did you not?

Kahn: I'm asking myself the same question... Lilith, how did you know about Sub-Level 6? You worked in IT, right?

Lilith: Oh, you wanna be friends now?

Kahn: No... but I've heard about you. You were caught snooping in other people's emails.

Lilith: So uhh... How long have you known about the email thing?

Kahn: A week.

Lilith: Why wasn't I fired?

Kahn: Maybe I wanted to know what they said too.

Lilith: We're not friends, Kahn. I don't trust you.

Kahn: I just wanna live through this, same as you.

Lilith: Why won't Atlas come for you? Aren't you some kind of big-shot?

Kahn: Things change... Lilith, if we survive, and if Atlas does come...

Lilith: Then what?

Kahn: It might not be a good thing. You understand?

Lilith: Kahn, what do you know that I don't?

Kahn: I've been doing the math... It doesn't add up.

Lilith: I don't trust you, Kahn.

Kahn: You shouldn't. You shouldn't trust anyone.

Oz & Kahn Edit

Oz: I saw what was in Sub-Level 6, Kahn.

Kahn: You saw it? How? How did you see it?

Oz: I mop the floors, remember?

Kahn: Oz... What did you see down there?

Oz: I saw our future.

Kahn: Oh, so you think you saw our future in Sub-Level 6?

Oz: As if you didn't know, Kahn.

Kahn: Oz, corporate didn't tell me about any of this... What did you see?

Oz: You're serious? They really didn't tell you? Now why is that?

Kahn: Oh, you're full of shit. You didn't see a damn thing down there, did you?

Oz: Oh, I'm full of shit?

Kahn: Oz, if you have information, spill it.

Oz: I saw Atlas' new pet, alright? I watched it eat the face of a lab tech. The poor fucker mutated into whatever the hell these things are now... You're just like the rest of the white-collars.

Kahn: Except I'm stuck here with you.

Oz: Kahn, I don't like you, I don't trust you. Just stay the fuck away from me.

Kahn: Feeling's mutual, pal.

Oz & Lilith Edit

Oz: Reminds me of the war.

Lilith: You were in a war? Which war, Oz?

Oz: Uh, whichever one they were given.

Lilith: Which war did you serve in?

Oz: Take your pick.

Lilith: Admit it, Oz. You haven't seen anything like this before.

Oz: Just in the basement earlier today.

Lilith: And just what exactly did you see in the basement?

Oz: Crazy shit. Looked a lot like this.

Lilith: You're out of your mind, Oz.

Oz: We're fighting fucking mutant zombie things, I think I'm holding up okay.


Oz: I'm getting hungry.

Lilith: How could you think about food now??

Oz: Because I'm hungry, that's how.

Lilith: Don't phase out on me Oz. Come on, I need you in the game.


Oz: Just thinking about a juicy pork sandwich right now.

Lilith: You still hungry, Oz?

Oz: No.

Lilith: No?

Oz: I found something chewy to nibble on.

Lilith: I know. The zombies.

Oz: Lilith, you know they're watching us, right?... Atlas.


Lilith: Hey Oz, how do you think Atlas is watching?

Oz: Satellites, security cameras,... Oh they're watching.

Lilith: If Atlas is watching... Why aren't they helping?

Oz: They are helping, don't you get it?

Lilith: Okay Oz, tell me your theory: what is Atlas doing?!

Oz: What aren't they doing?! Think about it Lilith: we work at a genetics research facility.

Lilith: Yeah I got that, what are you really saying?

Oz: We're just lab rats, Lilith. Understand? We're puppets... Like what you see, Atlas? Do you??