Over and Under
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Next level Zero Hour
Game Call of Duty: Strike Team
Character Marshall and Reed
Team Joint Special Operations Command
Place S.A.P. Site Juliet Two-Nine, Arctic Circles, U.S. waters
Date October 22nd, 2020
Objective Proceed to rally point.
Neutralize all enemies in the area.
Open the gate.
RV with Spetznaz technical squad.
Gain access to vehichle compound.
Stow away on supply truck.
Enemies Mercs (dressed as Russian Federation soldiers)
"Access must be gained to the missile silo. The Spetznaz technical squad await your arrival en route."
— Mission description

Over and Under is the fourth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team, and fourth in the Arctic Scene.

Pre-Mission Transcript Edit

Overlord: Onslaught - Overlord. We're monitoring enemy communications. They know you're there, but haven't locked down your position. Stay focused. Stay on mission.

Onslaught: Roger Overlord. Spetsnaz signal is getting stronger. RZ is the far side of this mountain pass.