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For other uses, see Overdrive.
"High-power graphene super-capacitors in Ruin's legs discharge, allowing him to overrun his enemies using short bursts of incredible speed."
— In-game description.

Overdrive is a Specialist Ability in Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer for Donnie "Ruin" Walsh. It grants the player a temporary boost of speed.

Due to the absence of mobility-enhancing perks in this game, Overdrive is quite notable in its mobility-enhancing effect. Overdrive is best used on close quarter weapons dependent on getting close to enemies.

The ability can also be used in Nightmares by picking up a Power Up but will not recharge and can only be reused by obtaining the same Power Up again.


  • Activation provides an initial thrust that can be used to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Automatically sprint while active.
  • Energy will drain slower if you pause while Overdrive is active.


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