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P-06 Gunsmith model BO3

62-60 (SP), 90 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

x2 Head, Neck & Chest

Weapon Class

Sniper Rifle

Magazine Size

15 rounds (21 w/ Extended Mag)


Level 17 (SP)
Level 25 (MP)

Starting Ammunition

15+75 (SP & MP)

Maximum Ammunition

15+180 (SP & MP)

Rate of Fire

· Per burst: 1818 RPM
· Overall: 171 RPM (on PC), 225 RPM (on consoles)

Range (explanation)



None to Minimal

Fire Mode

3-round burst

Used by

54 Immortals

Console codename(s)


"Charged burst sniper rifle. Hold the trigger to charge up and fire 3 deadly rounds at a rapid fire rate."
— In-game description

The P-06 is a bullpup sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is unique in that it fires a rapid three-round burst instead of a single shot. There is a short charge delay from pulling the trigger to the burst firing, making it more difficult to hit moving targets.


The sniper rifle is used by the 54 Immortals, it is more noticeable in "Hypocenter".


  • Ammo: 7.8x50mm RAR
  • Length: 845.82mm
  • Weight: 6.44kg
  • Barrel: 678.2mm
  • Production Years: 2057 - Present
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland


The P-06 is a three round burst Sniper Rifle unlocked at level 25. Each bullet does 90 damage per shot and since it's a three round burst it can do 270 damage in a single burst if all shots hit. It can, however, get a one shot kill to the head or neck, possibly allowing for kills if the two other shots miss.

The P-06's main difference from any other burst weapon as the burst delay comes before the burst is fired, not after, which makes it unique, and the user must compensate for the charge time to keep shots on target. The P-06 also has an extremely long burst delay, at 700 ms, making the overall handling feel slow.



For attachment variants, see P-06/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see P-06/Camouflage.

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