For the similarly named weapons, see P90 and PP90M1.

The P99 is a pistol featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

P99 menu icon MW3
Damage 49-17
Damage Drop Start 11m
Damage Drop End 16m
Damage Multipliers Head: 1.4, Chest: 1 Stomach: 1 Limbs: 1
Weapon Class Handgun
Magazine Size 12 Rounds
Unlocked Level 10 (Multiplayer)
Level 42 (Survival Mode)
Cost (Survival Mode) $250
Starting Ammunition 12+60 (SP), 12+24 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 12+72 (SP & MP)
Reload Time 1.83 seconds (tactical), 2.10 seconds (empty)
Rate of Fire 1200 RPM (Capped)
Range (explanation) P99 Range Graph MW3
Recoil Moderate
Penetration Low
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Used by Spetsnaz, Inner Circle, Task Force 141, Zakhaev Airport Security (Flashback)
HUD icon P99 Pick-up
P99 All Attachments - Modern Warfare 3

P99 All Attachments - Modern Warfare 3

The P99 was first seen in footage released during the Call of Duty XP event, with a suppressor and a titanium-coated slide, as well as a dark-gray synthetic grip.


The P99 is used by Yuri in "Stronghold"; this variant of the P99 has both a Silencer and Tactical Knife, called "P99 Tactical". Soap used one in "Blood Brothers". Yuri also used one in a flashback, when attempting to stop the Zakhaev International Airport massacre. It is also used in "Bag and Drag" by Spetsnaz operatives in Last Stand.


The P99 is unlocked at level 10 in Multiplayer and has the highest firecap for any handgun at 1200 RPM. It also features the longest drop time in handgun category, which may be a problem if switching back to your primary. However, the defining feature of the P99 is that it boasts the highest close-range damage of any of the low caliber handguns. It will kill in three shots out to a longer range when compared to other handguns. It also features a slightly lower visual recoil than that of the USP .45, which is quite controllable all on its own. Similarly to the USP .45, the silencer attachment will block out the iron sights, making aiming at long range targets more difficult.

It should be noted that the P99 has an odd damage multiplier to a portion of the foot region, making one shot kills possible. However, the exact spot to hit is so small that, even when aiming directly at the foot, players will more often than not miss the damage multiplier.

The P99 is the weapon used in the public variation of One In the Chamber with a Tactical Knife.

Special OpsEdit

The P99 is available for both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission ModeEdit

The P99 is an alternate weapon in the Mission Mode challenges Stay Sharp and Charges Set, and is used by enemies in Last Stand in several missions.

Survival ModeEdit

The P99 is the last handgun unlocked in Survival Mode at level 42 and costs $250. Its high damage of 49, while not noticeable in multiplayer as it comes just short of a two-hit kill, is quite noticeable in Survival Mode where enemies frequently have much higher health. This makes it one of the more effective low-caliber handguns, but it should be swapped for a more powerful weapon during later waves.



For attachment images, see P99/Attachments.


  • On the left side of the gun, the words: "P99 TITANIUM COATED" can be seen.
  • The iron sights on the P99 are slightly misaligned to the left.