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Path of Sorrows Gunsmith model BO3
Path of Sorrows

150 (MP)

Weapon Class


Console codename(s)


"Lethal slashing melee weapon. A storied blade, with a matchless pedigree."
— In-game description

The Path of Sorrows is a melee weapon featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, added on September 13th, 2016. It is a legendary two-handed katana, acting in a similar manner to the Fury's Song.

Zombies Edit

The Path of Sorrows can be obtained within the zombies map Revelations.

In order to obtain the weapon, the player must have progressed through the easter egg until they reach the point where the player can teleport to Samantha's room. Inside the spawn room is a glowing wisp on the headlight of a truck. Grab the wisp and bring it to the teleporter in Kino der Toten and teleport to The House. Inside the room is a custom Mystery Box with a candle on top of it. Place the wisp on the chest and it will sink into it. Grab the Kronorium on the bed and head over to the temple in Shangri-La, where the Path of Sorrows can be found on the wall for 500 points. It is pretty reliable as it can kill zombies with ease in the later rounds and it is a one hit kill until round 42.

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  • There are two sets of Japanese characters on the katana.
    • On the blade (鬼肉喰村正). The first three characters mean "Demon flesh eater" (鬼肉喰) and the last two characters are Japanese for "Muramasa" (村正), a famous swordsmith in Japan.
    • On the metal sleeve (柾木三郎). The first two characters mean "Masaki" (柾木) and the last two mean "Saburō" (三郎).

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