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For the cut game mode, see Payload (game mode).

"Change your rig's Payload, a powerful weapon or ability that can be activated once fully charged."
— In-game description

Payloads are a feature in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They are a set of abilities for Combat Rigs, appearing either as lethal weapons, special abillites or technological equipments used for kill assists. Their counterparts are Traits.

They grant players powerful, mostly short-use weapons, abillites, or equipment to take out enemies aggressively or tactically; They are acquired by filling the power meter around the weapon icon by scoring points or granted after a short amount of time. The meter turns yellow when completely filled, and will deplete over time. Payloads last until the meter runs out, or when the user is killed. When using a certain Payload weapon a lot in a short amount of time or using ability in a certain circumstance (Active Camo drains faster after when capturing an objective), the meter depletes faster.

List of PayloadsEdit







Trivia Edit

  • In earlier versions of the game, Payloads were known as "Supers".

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