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For the similar system in past games, see Create-A-Class.
For the similar system in Ghosts, see Create-A-Soldier.

The Pick Ten system is a class-building feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty Online that allows more freedom for the player to customize their loadout.

Black Ops IIEdit

Allocation PointsEdit

Pick Ten Screen

As its name implies, the Pick Ten system gives the player the ability to choose ten elements to make up their loadout. In custom games, the amount can be customized from 3 points to 17. Each element costs one Allocation Point, which can be anything from a primary weapon, secondary weapon, weapon attachments, grenades, gadgets, and perks.

Using this system, the player can choose to have more emphasis on particular elements, like spending points on more attachments and foregoing grenades entirely if the player does not use grenades.

Camouflages, clan tags and emblems attached to weapons do not take up an Allocation Point.


Aside from the ten points given for building a class, the player is also given three Wildcards, which allow further tinkering of the elements the player has previously selected, although the Wildcards cannot count towards the elements themselves (no more than ten allocation points). A Wildcard itself takes one Allocation Point.

Normally, a primary weapon can only have two attachments, but by using the Primary Gunfighter wildcard it can add another,  the secondary gunfighter allows two attachments on a secondary weapon. The same can be done for things like carrying another lethal grenade, installing another perk, or holding a second primary.


  • A weapon can only have up to three attachments, costing five allocation points; one point for the weapon itself, two for the first two attachments, one for the Wildcard, and one for the the additional attachment.
  • Up to two Lethal grenades can be carried, costing three allocation points; one for the first grenade, one Wildcard, and one for the second grenade.
  • Up to two pairs of Tactical grenades can be carried, costing five allocation points; two for the first two pieces of equipment, one point for the Wildcard, and lastly two more points for the last two Tactical grenades.  If done so, no lethal grenades can be equipped.
  • Two Perks can be installed from each tier costing three allocation points; one point for the first perk, a second point for the Wildcard, and one more for the second perk.

Black Ops IIIEdit

Pick Ten screen BO3

The Pick Ten system returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Compared to the previous version of the system, Pick Ten only includes weapons, perks and equipment; the Specialists feature and scorestreaks are chosen in the beginning of the match and do not count in the ten slots.

In addition, optics are given their own slot in the weapon customization section. This allows for 3 attachments in total or 4 with the primary gunfighter wildcard.

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