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Pipe Bomb
Weapon Class


Starting Ammunition

5 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

5 (Extinction)

Used by

Rapid Reaction Force

The Pipe Bomb is a buildable in the Extinction maps Mayday, Awakening and Exodus. The Schematics for the Pipe Bomb can be found in the room to the right in the docking area and also next to the corner hive location on the top deck before the bio-lab. The parts can be found in Search Piles (toolboxes) around the map, and five Pipe Bombs are built when crafted. Pipe bombs are thrown, and detonate within 1-2 seconds of being thrown. They can be effective at clearing Cryptids off a drill or Chlorine Gas container. They are extremely powerful as well, capable of killing a Phantom in one blow, but it takes at least a couple more to kill a Rhino. A few Pipe Bombs focused on a Mammoth will rapidly reduce it's health, if not kill it.


Each part can be found in any red tool box located usually in rooms behind doors which can be accessed with use of the drill.


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