A timeline of events of the "Infinite Warfare Universe".

Pre-Secession Wars Edit

  • Due to a resource crisis and a dwindling atmosphere, United Nations ignites a massive wave of off-world colonization to resolve these issues. Most planets and moons within the Sol System are colonized.
  • Settlement Defense Front is established to maintain martial law on off world territories.

2156 C.E. Edit

  • SDF declares war on the nations of Earth, igniting the Secession Wars.
  • SSgt. Omar's father survives two plane crashes in the battle for Deimos.

2157 C.E. Edit

  • After a year of fighting, Earth and SDF's political leaders meet on Pluto's moon, Charon, to negotiate the Charon Accords. This ultimately brings an end to the Secession Wars, whilst limiting both sides' abilities to expand further into the solar system.
  • SDF secures Mars's sovereignty through the Accords

2157-2187 C.E. Edit

  • The nations of Earth and their colonies band together to form the UNSA to regulate trade of resources with the SDF and SATO is formed as a detterent against SDF's miltary might.
  • Ignoring the Charon Accords, SDF begins to expand into the UNSA controlled Neptune and Uranus Clusters, killing numerous UNSA civilians in process.

2186 C.E. Edit

  • Further violating the Charon Accords, SDF captures the UNSA controlled Saturn Cluster and its vital refusing stations.

2187 C.E. Edit

May 6th Edit

  • Operation Riah begins.
  • SDF launch an attack on a UNSA black site on Europa, retrieving data on the SPAR project.

May 7th Edit

  • Fleet Week begins within UNSA.
  • SDF hijack the AATIS guns in Geneva, crippling much of the UNSA fleet. After a brief skirmish, the guns are secured back into SATO grasp and SDF sleeper-cell Riah is captured.
  • SATO fleet engages SDF fleet in ship-to-ship combat outside Earth's atmosphere. After destroying the attacking fleet, Olympus Mons, equipped with an F-SPAR cannon, arrives and destroys most of the SATO fleet.
  • SDF launches a concurrent attack on the Lunar Gateway. SATO launches Operation Port Armor and successfully retakes the port.
  • UNSA launches Operation Burn Water on Titan and successfully destroys the SDF's critical refueling stations.

May 8th Edit

  • SATO launches Operation Black Flag in an attempt to lure the SDF fleet into the AATIS array. SDF manages to destroy the guns first, allowing the fleet to attack Earth with little resistance. SATO responds by hijacking the Olympus Mons, killing Admiral Salen Kotch and using its weapons to force SDF to retreat.
  • SATO launches Operation Blood Storm in an attempt to cripple the SDF war effort by attacking Tharsis Shipyard. Despite heavy losses, including the ships Retribution and Olympus Mons, swell as most of their crews, Tharisis Shipyard is destroyed, along with much of the SDF fleet.

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