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Battle of Paris


Battle of Berlin


Infiltration of Russian Prague Castle base

Prague Uprising
Russian Ground Forces assaulting Task Force 141

World War III


October 10th, 2016 - October 11th, 2016


Prague, Czech Republic

  • Russian Victory
    • Captain John "Soap" MacTavish killed
    • Prague damaged
    • Makarov escapes Prague alive
  • Eventual withdrawal of Russian Troops after signing peace treaty

Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Resistance
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Task Force 141
Flag of Russia Loyalists

Flag of Russia Ultranationalist Russia
Inner Circle Inner Circle


Flag of the Czech Republic Resistance Leader
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Captain Price
Task Force 141 Non-Disavowed Captain MacTavish
Flag of Russia Yuri
Flag of Russia Kamarov

Inner Circle Vladimir Makarov
Flag of Russia Major Petrov


Czech Resistance

Task Force 141

  • Several Task Force 141 members including Cpt. Price and MacTavish


  • Kamarov and his men

Russian Armed Forces

  • Unknown number of Resistance members
  • John "Soap" MacTavish
  • Kamarov
  • Unknown number of Czech civilians
  • Unknown number of Russian soldiers
"Attention all citizens of New Russia! There are traitors among us! These people put peace and order that Russian army wants to restore at risk! All the traitors' associates will also be treated as betrayers!" (Вниманию всех граждан Новой России! Среди нас есть изменники! Эти люди ставят под угрозу мир и порядок, которые российская армия пытается восстановить! Все пособники изменников будут так же расцениваться предателями!)
— Russian speaker in Eye of the Storm.

The Prague Uprising occurs during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. During World War III, Prague is one of many European capitals occupied by the Russian Armed Forces. The Czech Resistance helps disavowed Task Force 141 members with their attempt to kill Vladimir Makarov.


After the chemical attacks across Western Europe, Russian Forces invaded Czech Republic, quickly overrunning Czech Army and occupying Prague within a few days. The Russian Army set up a terror regime in the city, brutally crushing dissent and oppressing most of the population. Kamarov had a hand in organizing a small rebel group, and was contacted by Captain John Price, who informed them of Vladimir Makarov's presence and the Loyalist, Czech Resistance, and the disavowed Task Force 141 plan to assassinate him.

The OccupationEdit

To that end, an uprising was staged to cover Price's, John "Soap" MacTavish's, and Yuri's movement into position. As Price and Kamarov cleared snipers on the rooftops, Soap and Yuri quietly cleared out some Russian soldiers on the ground. When the two teams linked up, Czech Resistance fighters poured out into the streets to battle the Russians, while the assassination squad made it to their respective positions.

The AssassinationEdit

Price set himself up on the tower of the Hotel Lustig, while Soap and Yuri remained at their nest in a church across from the hotel, and Kamarov would be inside the hotel. The assassination goes awry, killing Kamarov and mortally wounding MacTavish, opening up his recently closed wounds while Yuri and Price carried him to the rebel base, where Soap bleeds out and dies. When the pursuing Russian forces attack, Price and Yuri are rushed out of the base as the rebels make a final stand.


It is unknown what happens after MacTavish's death, and nothing is hinted at, although it is likely that heavy casualties were sustained by the Czech Resistance. Based off the treatment of Czech Citizens during the occupation, it is likely that the local population was punish harshly for the event. Price and Yuri went on to kill Makarov and avenge both of their fallen friends.

After Ultranationalist Russia and the United States signed a peace treaty, Russian forces withdrew from Czech Republic leaving it in complete ruins.