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Miscellaneous Edit

  • The emblem for this killstreak is available in the Xbox 360 marketplace for 160 Microsoft points, along with the other killstreaks.
  • The Predator Missile goes faster when the thrust is used in Campaign than in Multiplayer.
  • If the player is injured, then opens the laptop, they won't fully regenerate their health until a few seconds after closing it.


  • While viewing through the missile's camera, the player is invisible.
  • If the player is hurt while trying to aim the missile, the player will lose control over the missile.


  • In Modern Warfare 2 if an EMP is called in, it will still be active, but the player can't control it.
  • In Modern Warfare 2, the multiplayer announcers used to refer to the Predator Missile as the AGM, but this was changed late in production.
  • In Modern Warfare 2's sound files, all announcers from each team have a enemy Predator Missile callout. Although these are never used in Multiplayer and were most likely replaced by the Predator being on the radar.
  • If a player on the ground is stunned while in control of the Predator Missile, their control of the missile will slow down as well.
  • If a player is killed while calling in a predator missile in Search and Destroy, the player will lose control of the missile.
  • If there is a Host migration during a Predator Missile use, the missile will be useless because it will not stop during the "Match restarts in..." countdown, thus it reaches the ground and detonates without being able to kill enemies.
  • It is possible for the missile to go through the ground outside the map's playable area, due to there being no collision in most places.
  • Missiles automatically detonate roughly 30 seconds after being launched.
  • The early development name for the Predator Missile was Hellfire.
  • When the player sees a killcam of a Predator missile and respawn right when the missile hits the ground, they will still see the explosion.
  • The coordinates for the Predator missile is set for the Bay of Fundy near Victoria Beach in Canada.
  • The Predator Missile was originally planned for the Wii version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as all the files, such as the killfeed icon, the missile, the Killstreak icon and the red squares are there, but the sound files for the movement and explosion are gone; it only appears in Singleplayer.
  • The Predator Missile can be destroyed by the SMAW.
  • It is possible to destroy an AC130 with a Predator Missile.