Project Udder Chaos, also referred to as Project Moo-nitions, was a purported CIA project that involved the surgical implantation of explosives into farm animals in order to deliver clandestine attacks to insurgents. The project is detailed in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


The project was supposedly conceived around 2018 in Burgundy, France, by CIA researchers trying to establish a method of undercover bomb delivery. They were said to be inspired by Project Acoustic Kitty. Tests were allegedly conducted on various farm animals, such as Charolais cattle and Markhor. By 2021, the project was abandoned due to a lack of funding.

On the 23rd of May, 2027, a man named Henri Favager claimed to have discovered the top secret documents relating to Project Udder Chaos. Favager said he discovered the documents in a locker box buried on his land. He made his findings public and sold the story to the press, who were quick to sensationalize it.

Shortly afterward, a Belgian "hacktivist" group publicly leaked the documents discovered by Favager, which had been confiscated by the French police and returned to the US. This lead to a national inquiry in the United States, in which the CIA was scrutinized for misuse of funds and animal cruelty.

Favager died under suspicious circumstances on December 21st, 2037, when he crashed his car in the French Alps. His autopsy showed that his blood alcohol level at the time of death was 0.37%; more than enough to induce a coma.

Conspiracy theoryEdit

Conspiracy theorists believe that the project was fabricated as part of a large-scale operation conducted by the CIA with the hopes of discrediting various hacker groups. This theory suggests that the nature of the fictionalized documents discovered by Favager was deliberately ridiculous; thus, in theory at least, the subsequent accusations against the CIA would be less believable.

The CIA had, according to this theory, purposefully leaked the documents to both Favager (who conspiracy theorists believe was actually a CIA asset whose real name was Maurice Baak) and the hacker group that leaked the documents, in the hopes that the allegations made by both the media and the "hacktivists" would be widely disbelieved and written off as absurd.

This did not happen; the vast majority of people, the US Government included, actually believed the leaks were genuine and the CIA's plan backfired as a result. Thus, having outlived his usefulness, Favager was supposedly assassinated by the CIA to tie up any loose ends.