Gangster blingEdit

Gangster bling collectible BO3
"A perfectly good knuckleduster, now richly encrusted in semiprecious and hung on a cheap-looking chain. Could be that it commemorates a fallen enemy. Could be it's a mark of rank. More likely it was intended to demonstrate just how much raw cash-money the owner had. Which it might have been more successful at doing had the stones been actually valuable. All those hard-cut edges would probably leave a mark though...Not that you need such things when your hands are made out of metal/ceramic composites."
— Entry description.

Supertree souvenirEdit

Supertree souvenir collectible BO3
"A tiny scale model of the impressive Super Trees found in Singapore's Gardens bay. The original structures soared 50 meters or more into the sky, collecting light to power the Biodomes and functioning as air conditioning systems for the nearby structures, while collecting rainwater for irrigation. Before the Coalescence Corporation Disaster, Gardens Bay was a tourist attraction, drawing tens of thousands of visitors a year. The technology on display was intended as a centerpiece of a global showcase of sustainable practices and technology intended to combat climate change."
— Entry description.

Dud slave collarEdit

Dud slave collar collectible BO3
"This unpleasant device is a commonplace "tool" used in the 54 Immortals' human trafficking operations. The titanium collar contains a small quantity of military grade explosives. Once fastened around a person's neck, those explosives are armed. The collar can be detonated remotely, or can be geo-fenced such that if it strays outside of a given area, after a series of warning beeps it takes the head of the victim clean off. They also feature a failsafe, detonating in the event that anyone tries to open the collar without the correct tools."
— Entry description.
"Scans show that that collar has a faulty electronic fuse. Regardless of whether the detonate command was local, or remote -- that thing's a squib."
— Kane's analysis

Antique vaseEdit

Antique Vase collectible BO3
"A delicate and richly decorated porcelain vase found in the Biodomes that the 54 Immortals must have been packing up for transportation to a wealthy buyer. When the 54I took over the Singapore Quarantine one in 2061, they were able to amass a significant fortune by salvaging and selling technology and equipment from the abandoned facilities belonging to the technology and science based corporation who had made Singapore their own. Those corporate facilities must have also contained more than their fair share of fine art; this may have once sat in a penthouse office, or a corporate board room."
— Entry description.
"Are you saving for your retirement? Careful with that thing, it's old. Like over 800 years old; probably Yuan dynasty made around 1300. It's quite possibly priceless, definitely irreplaceable."
— Kane's analysis.


Mineral collectible BO3
"This beautiful Rhodochrosite crystal formation was found in a broken display case in the Biodomes, having somehow been overlooked by looters over the years. Rhodochrosite is a red manganese carbonate mineral formed in hydrothermal veins in low-temperature ore deposits. It was first described in 1813 after deposits were found in a sample taken from a Romanian silver mine. Its name comes from the Greek word for "rose colored". Rhodochrosite is popular amongst mineral collectors, and large faceted gems above 3-4 karats in size can fetch quite a price. It is often seen in jewelry in simple polished stone form. The main industrial use of the mineral is as an ore of Manganese, which is used in the manufacture of stainless steel."
— Entry description.

Bullet shell necklaceEdit

Bullet shell necklace collectible BO3
"Several ornately etched bullet shells in various calibers hand from this twisted piece of wire. The owner must have been a very highly regarded member of the 54 Immortals, and this piece of jewelry would have been worn with considerable pride. Shells like this are given to soldiers directly by the Goh siblings, for acts of loyalty to the 54I that go above and beyond the very high standards that are already expected of them. The bullets themselves have been use in the execution of important enemies of the 54I, and substantial value is placed on them."
— Entry description.

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