"Very short range automated defense system. Will discharge lethal amounts of electricity on contact to an enemy within hand to hand range."
— Description

Proximity Deterrent is a tactical rig in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The rig shocks enemies who come within arms-reach of the player, killing them instantly. When upgraded, the electricity arcs to multiple enemies.


If human enemies attempts to melee the player, the Proximity Deterrent will shock them to death mid-melee and if upgraded, the charge will arc to other enemies in a manner similar to the melee-based Electrostatic Arc core. The rig is less effective on Grunts, who have a higher chance of being stunned and powering back on as opposed to being killed.

Similar to certain other rigs, the deterrent is always active and doesn't require any kind of recharge period, unlike self-revives or thrust jumps.