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Quartermaster (Infinite Warfare)
Quartermaster IW
Nickname(s) QR-M5TR
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Affiliations United Nations Space Alliance
Settlement Defense Front
Status Active
Sex Masculine programming
Race Robot
Voice Actor Beau Stephenson
"The Quartermaster is a quick-witted cybernetic arms dealer who has the latest in combat technology. Head to the Quartermaster when you want to customize your Combat Rig, get your hands on new Prototype Weapons."
— Official description

The Quartermaster (QR-M5TR) is featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He is located at the central hub, where players can craft weapons using Salvage, open Supply Drops using Keys, and check out what Prototype Weapons are available in the Armory.

Overview Edit

As the primary supervisor of supply distribution, the Quartermaster is a one-stop shop for acquiring new items. Weapons can be acquired two ways through the Quartermaster:

  • Buying Common and Rare Supply Drops.
  • Visiting the Armory to access the Prototype Lab, Mission Team Depot, and QR-M5TR Collection.

Common Supply Drops Edit

Common Supply Drops cost 10 Keys and give the player three random items of any rarity. No guarantees are present, and there is an unlikely chance for Rare or better gear.

Rare Supply Drops Edit

Rare Supply Drops cost 30 Keys or 200 CODPoints, and give the player three items, one of which is always Rare or better. There is also always either a weapon class camo or Combat Rig gear. Legendary and Epic rarity gear is also more likely to be rewarded from these as well. Finally, all Rare Supply Drops have a Salvage Bonus which functions to reimburse the investment, with anywhere between 5-200.

Duplicates Edit

Duplicates of any rarity are automatically burned and returned with extra Salvage.

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