Appears in Call of Duty: Heroes
Health 518
Training Time 20m
Deployment Occupancy 15
Primary Targets Friendly human units
Target Type Ground
Attack Damage (Healing HP) 92
Attack Rate 2
Attack Range 4
Accuracy 100%
Critical Chance 5%
Cost 1445 Gold Icon CoDH
2695 Oil Icon CoDH
Move 3
The RD1 is a type of drone featured in Call of Duty: Heroes. In order to be trained, it requires a Level 3 Machine Compound. The RD1 heals Human units as well as Heroes, and they are best used with Juggernauts and RPG Troopers. They should be deployed carefullly, as sometimes they don't always move to heal units with lowest HP remaining, and while they are moving they will succumb to SAM Turrets and Anti-Air mines.