RPG Trooper
RPG Trooper CoDH
Appears in Call of Duty: Heroes
Health 165
Training Time 5m
Deployment Occupancy 5
Primary Targets Any
Target Type Air, Ground
Attack Damage 231
Attack Rate 3.5
Attack Range 4
Accuracy 90%
Critical Chance 5%
Cost 1030 Gold Icon CoDH
260 Oil Icon CoDH
Move 1.25

The RPG Trooper is a unit type that appears in Call of Duty: Heroes. As its name implies, it wields an RPG-7. Though they are as frail as Assault or Sniper units, they deal the most damage to structures and defensive units of any Human unit. Combining them with the RD1 healing drone will prolong their effectiveness and destroy most structures before they succumb to concentrated defensive fire from turrets and hangar-deployed units. They also deal splash damage against groups of enemy units, which is very effective against units such as the Dragonfire and slower units such as the C.L.A.W. or Warbird.