Rail Gun

Obtained by Orbital Care Packages

Reload Time

3 seconds

Rate of Fire

20 RPM

Fire Mode


The Rail Gun, or the Arclight Railgun as it is known in the Campaign, is a mounted weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Rail Guns are usable as a mounted weapon on the aircraft carrier U.S.S Arrowhead during the mission "Armada", where the player must use it to destroy two Atlas Corporation cargo ships.


In Multiplayer, it appears as an exclusive scorestreak for the map Atlas Gorge. Two controllable turrets are mounted high on the dam wall. The player can switch between the two turrets at any time during use. Each shot causes high explosive damage on impact and takes several seconds to reload. The turrets are also high enough to shoot down UAVs and Warbirds with a single shot.


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