December 7, 1944, 0530 hrs

Bergstein, Germany

Overcast, 45°F

In two hours, we will attack Hill 400 and put a stop to the constant shelling around Bergstein. It won't be easy. A series of minefields, barbed wire obstacles, and machine gun nests stands between us and the summit. There isn't a square inch of that hill that the Germans haven't pre-sighted for mortars. The squad's loading up on extra smoke grenades - with so much shelling going on, there's almost nothing left to hide behind on that hill.

Corporal Bill Taylor

D Company2nd Ranger Bn.

Gameplay Edit

["Rangers Lead the Way"]

[Bergstein, Germany]

[December 7, 1944]

The Rangers are pinned down by mortar fire.

Sgt. Randall: Well what are your orders, Sir?! The Krauts almost have us zeroed in!

Lt. Myers: Shut up, just shut up! I need to think about this!

Ranger: Well you'd better think fast, Mac!

Randall: Hell, we can't sit here like this we gotta move! We gotta move, Lieutenant!

Pvt. Henderson: Let's go get the bastards!

Myers: Wait! Wait! What are you doing?

The Rangers charge the hill and suffer heavy casualties; however, some make it to the foxholes in front of a pair of fallen trees.

Randall: Hold right here! Wait for them to reload!

Randall: Taylor! Get those satchel charges ready! On my signal!

Randall: Someone get a smoke grenade out there!

Randall: Go! Go! Go!

The Rangers rush through the smokescreen and make it to the bunker entrance.

Randall: Taylor! Use your satchel charge on that door! Hurry up!

After Taylor blows the door open, the Rangers quickly secure the bunker.

Pvt. Braeburn: Clear down!

Randall: Go! Go! Go!

The Rangers begin fighting their way to the other bunkers.

Randall: There's minefields all over this damn place! Watch for the signs!


Randall: Watch out for minefields!


Randall: Minefields! Stay away from the mines!


Randall: Stay away from the minefields!

After facing heavy resistance, the Rangers eventually clear two more bunkers and begin fighting their way to the bunker at the top of the hill.

Randall: Taylor! Use your smoke grenades!

Randall: We need more concealment! Put up a smokescreen! Use your smoke grenades!

The Rangers are soon able to enter the bunker.

Randall: Corporal Taylor! Take down that door! Move!

After a second door is destroyed, the bunker is quickly secured. In addition to securing the bunker, the Rangers neutralize enemy mortar teams and destroy a Panzerwerfer. After Hill 400 is secured, the squad regroups.

Randall: D Company! Get the wounded into the bunker! Gather up weapons and ammo! Jerry's sure to be comin' back! Get moving! Now!

The level ends.