"Просто марионетка... как и ты. Делай как скажу. (He is merely a puppet... as are you. Do as I instruct.)"
— Over a radio to Lev Kravchenko.
"Not only am I aware of the infiltration... I engineered it."
— Shortly before almost killing Section and Harper.
"Your best friend, Alex Mason, is dead. By your own hand. Do you understand why? BECAUSE YOU MUST SUFFER AS I HAVE SUFFERED! Now one more must die. You, Woods... or David. Make a decision now or in ten seconds you're all dead!"
— To Hudson after capturing Woods and David Mason.
"Your life will be consumed by absolute loss. Then and only then will you understand what you have done to me."
— To Woods, after killing Hudson.
"I will not kill you boy. Now like Woods, you suffer with me. And then one day, you will see this pendant again, and you remember everything you saw and felt tonight. You will remember all the years of anger and pain. And when you do David... please, come to me."
— To David after killing Hudson.
"Victory is not measure by losses, Farid... It is measured by gains."
— To Farid after he tells Menendez about casualties.
"For those souls who have toiled, and wrought, and thought with me... Some work of noble note may yet be done."
— To David Petraeus aboard the U.S.S. Obama.
"So we are the same, David. Shaped by those we have lost."
— To Section during interrogation.
"...Opulence is sinful and we all pay for it... She was taken from me. Do you know what that feels like yet?... An American torched the warehouse for insurance money. 11000 dollars, that was the value they placed on her life. She was the reason for me to live. What about you, David? What drives you? Is it me?... Einstein once said the economic anarchy of capitalism is the real source of evil. Your father, and his people, took Josefina from me. Pues... tu papa esta muerto. Your father is dead. And his people... finished!"
— To Section during interrogation.
"I mete and dole unequal laws unto a savage race."
— To Section when the U.S.S. Obama is attacked.
"I decide what is necessary."
— To Salazar after killing Briggs.
"If we truly succeed today, Admiral Briggs will come to understand why I did not kill him."
— To Salazar after wounding Briggs.
"...Opulence is sinful, and we all pay for it. Los Angeles was the flagship of their absurd materialism, so I destroyed it. They thought I wanted to kill the president. Madame Presidentè, I could have buried you a million times over... No... I wanted you to see it, to feel what it's like. Today, two billion people exist in abject misery, tyrannized by war. Madame Presidentè, your war machines are no more. Your military is crippled. You cannot stop us now. Cordis Die, rise, and strike when they are down. Strike now, and strike deep!"
— Making a speech via a live webcast.
"Martyr me... For Cordis Die..."
— Taunting Section to kill him.
"I will see you one year from now. Study Ulysses... and be ready."
— To Section if spared.
"This video is triggered to play upon my assassination. Cordis Die, you know how to proceed. My death will shine light upon ubiquitous darkness."
— In a video if killed.
"Mi hermana (my sister), Josefina. She survived the fire, for me. I didn't leave her. You took her from me."
— Before killing Woods.
"Woods...Hudson...They created this...For Josefina...TONIGHT, your father will DIE!"
— Raul Menendez to a young David Mason before he sets him in a trance.