"Tear through a robot's armor plating then rip out its power cell. The power cell can be thrown like a grenade. It is volatile enough to disable other robots on impact."
— Description
Ravage Core cyber core icon BO3
Ravage Core
Weapon Class Cyber Core
Unlocked N/A (purchased)

Ravage Core is a passive Control cyber core in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Once purchased, the player will see indicators when within melee range of enemies. A special melee attack will be done which rips out a robot's power cell, which in turn can be used as an EMP grenade, disabling other electronics.

Once upgraded, it becomes Enhanced Ravage Core and extends blast radius of the core.


Although not recommended for harder difficulties because of the more aggressive behaviors of Grunts, Ravage Core is a passive melee ability which requires no energy.

A particularly useful spot for this core would be the final section of "Hypocenter", in which dozens of Sebastian Diaz's Grunts ambush the player. Ripping their cores out and throwing them into the crowds will stun them for a good few seconds.