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"Electromagnetic shell that protects against all forms of damage."
— In-game description.

Reactive Armor is a payload for Merc in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that is unlocked at level 21. When used, a protective shield forms around the player that decreases damage given to the player from all sources except for environmental damage, such as falling off the playable area of a map or the black hole of a Black Hole Projector. It also increases the player's health by 14 points while under the effects.

A player is coated in a hexagonal patterned camouflage when under the effects of Reactive Armor.

Reactive Armor is best utilized in a situation where the player needs to traverse a sniper sight line or while holding down the objective. It is ill-advised however, to use Reactive Armor when a player is breaching a defended position that contains multiple enemies, as Reactive Armor does not render the player invincible.

The Reactive Armor duration was once 9 seconds, but was decreased to 7 seconds in the February 3rd, 2017 update[1]. Within the same update, the amount of health with a Reactive Armor user has been decreased from 133 to 114.

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