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"Capture points to revive fallen teammates. Taking all points will win the round."
— In-game description

Reinforce is a Game Mode that was featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Its gameplay is a hybrid between Domination and Search and Destroy, as well as Search and Rescue.

There are three flags around the map, similar to Domination. If one is killed, they will go into Spectator mode. They will only respawn when a new flag is secured by their team. Securing all 3 flags results in an automatic win of that round for the corresponding team. Similarly to Search and Destroy/Rescue, a team will lose if all of their teammates are killed.

The first team to get 4 points (again, mirroring Search and Destroy/Rescue) wins the game. Overtime can be activated in this game mode, and Intermissions are active.

As of the May 30th playlist update, Reinforce is a playable game mode in the Core Playlist.



  • This game mode was initially allowed in Private Matches only.
  • Originally, capturing a flag awarded the players 1500 XP. However, in a later update, this was reduced to 750 XP.

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