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Remington New Model Army menu icon BOII
Remington New Model Army


Weapon Class


Magazine Size

6 rounds (12 Pack-a-Punched)

Cost (Zombies)

950 (Mystery Box)

Starting Ammunition

6 + 84
(12 + 96 Pack-a-Punched)

Maximum Ammunition

6 + 84
(12 + 96 Pack-a-Punched)

Reload Time


Rate of Fire

625 RPM

Range (explanation)




Fire Mode

Double-action (semi-automatic)

Used by

Green Run Group
Tank Dempsey

The Remington New Model Army is a revolver that is featured in the zombies map Buried. It is functionally similar to the Python, but with the ability to reload all six rounds at once, and having higher chest and head multipliers when Pack-a-Punched.

When stored in the Weapon Locker in Buried, it becomes a Python (or a Cobra, if it is Pack-a-Punched) in TranZit and Die Rise. If a Python is placed in the Weapon Locker and taken out in Buried, the reverse occurs.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Sassafras and is effective until rounds in the 40s. The cylinder size is doubled to twelve rounds and reserve ammunition is increased.

The Remington New Model Army is also seen in the hands of Tank Dempsey during the introduction scene on the map Origins, despite not being available to players on that map.

Remington New Model Army vs Sassafras Edit

Remington New Model Army Sassafras
Remington New Model Army BOII Sassafras BOII
Damage 1000-300 1000-600
Fire mode Double-action (semi-automatic) Double-action (semi-automatic)
Rate of fire 625 RPM 625 RPM
Magazine size 6 12
Max ammo 84+6 96+12
Mobility High High
Extras Double magazine capacity, more ammo, higher damage at long range

Gallery Edit


  • "Sassafras" refers to a family of trees native to eastern North America and eastern Asia which was used to make root beer, a drink associated with the Old West. 

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