"Active armor system. Uses repulsor technology to repel incoming grenades to a distance where they are no longer a threat."
— Description

Repulsor Armor is a tactical rig in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The rig repels enemy grenades outside of the player's radius. When upgraded, it can also repel rockets.


Repulsor Armor is crucial for higher difficulties, where grenades usually kill instantly. The rig also works wonders for deflecting ASP-ML, P.A.W.W.S., and Hound-launched rockets. A potential downside would be that deflected grenades may bounce into the player's radius, still killing them. In addition, artillery shots from the ASP-C's cannon will not deflect, instead dealing heavy damage to the player.

Repulsor armor is built-in on certain enemies, such as the ASP tanks, which are invulnerable to explosives unless having their trophy system destroyed. The same counts for Warlords, who will deflect any explosives, but are still vulnerable to tactical grenades.