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The Retribution is a UNSA carrier in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

While the Retribution was present at the Fleet Week Parade at Geneva, it was not supplied prior to the SDF attack. Thus, while it survived the attack, it was not ready for deployment in war. Lieutenant Nick Reyes was given the rank of command and made acting captain by Admiral Raines after the death of the ship's original captain.[1]


The Retribution is modular in design, where parts can be changed out depending on the situation, allowing its commander to plan for any number of contingencies. It features a crew of various nationalities, including American, British, Lebanese,[2] Irish, Canadian, and Australian. Its crew numbers in the thousands, ranging from engineers to soldiers.


  • Length: 637 meters
  • Height: 75 meters


In the campaign of Infinite Warfare, the Retribution serves also as the main hub between missions. Players can choose between campaign missions and side missions throughout the Solar System. The players can also interact with the ship (it can be in various states of repair) and the crew.[4][5]

Controlling Nick Reyes, the player can visit the firing range (where loadouts can be pre-selected), watch news reports concerning the war effort, track progress of the SDF fleet, and plan missions on the bridge.



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