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"Tank" Dempsey Edit

"We'll fight side-by-side, back-to-back... even if it's for the last time."
— In the Revelations Sneak Peek trailer
"Just when you think the whole universe is against you, it throws you a bone."
— In the gameplay trailer.
"The whole universe is against us."
— When seeing a Fury in the trailer.
"Choo, choo, freakbag!"
— When using the rocket shield in the gameplay trailer.
"This brings back some memories. Not all of them good. Not any of them good to be honest."
— In the Revelations Trailer.
"Alright, you shadow fuck. Let's end this! Once and for all!"
— In the Origins Recap.

"Hey, where did everybody go? Aw, dammit! No matter how hard I wanted to believe, deep down I just knew Richtofen was going to fuck everything up!"
— At the beginning of a solo match.
"Giant monsters in the sky, islands in space? It looks like someone put the entire universe in a massive blender and pressed start!"
— At the beginning of round two in a solo match.
"Suppose I try to find this Doctor Monty. Pretty sure he's on the right side of the fight. Aw geez, where do I start?"
— At the beginning of round three in a solo match.

"Recoil on this bad boy once gave me one hell of a black eye."
— Upon receiving a sniper rifle.
"Damn, this is heavy, even in this crazy dimension."
— Upon receiving the Thundergun.

"Gun's getting lighter than I'd like. Probably lack of bullets."
— Upon running out of ammunition.
"I need to find some ammo..... wait, is it regular ammo still? space ammo?"
— Upon running out of ammunition.

"Never thought about it, but when did I last have a solid meal?"
— Upon consuming Juggernog.
"That scratched some itch. Don't know why my organs are itchy. Probably should go see a doctor."
— Upon consuming Deadshot Daiquiri.

"Let's show 'em how we throw down on planet Earth!"
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.
"Ready for some broken jaw-bones, bone-jaws?"
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.
"I'm gonna put 'em in a world of hurt. World unspecified."
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.
"My knife was getting a little lonely."
— Upon receiving an Insta-Kill.
"I'll never say no to more ammo!"
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.
"That trick never fools 'em, Doctor Monty. Should know that by now."
— Upon receiving a Carpenter.
"Always gets the job done!"
— Upon receiving a Nuke.

"Let's see what you got, Doc Monty."
— Upon purchasing a Gobblegum.
"I'll eat this when I need to get a nasty taste out of my mouth."
— Upon purchasing a Gobblegum.
"I know you got the good stuff, Doctor Monty. Gimme, gimme."
— Upon purchasing a Gobblegum.
"Show me something special, Gobblegum."
— Upon consuming a power-up based Gobblegum.

"Told ya you'd die today! And if I didn't I sure meant to."
— Upon killing a zombie.
"Annoying little shit!"
— Upon killing a parasite.
"Hey! I ain't no pushover!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.
"Lookin' for a bone to pick? Can't have none of mine!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.
"Not a good time, freakbag!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"I think I know what this is! Better hang on to it."
— Upon picking up a shield part.
"We're all in this together to the end!"
— Upon reviving another player.
"Surprised there's any wood here at all, what with this being space."
— Upon rebuilding a barrier.
"Nope! Woodwork is still not as fun as blowing stuff up."
— Upon rebuilding a barrier.
"Here we go again, building extremely penetrable barriers."
— Upon rebuilding a barrier.
"This ain't gonna be quick, brain boys! It's gonna hurt!"
— Upon throwing a grenade.
"Can't place a bet if I don't roll the dice. Wait...that's not right."
— Upon having insufficient funds.
"You feel that, tentacle boy? You're gonna be feeling it again real soon."
— Upon shooting the head of a Margwa off.
"Batter up!"
— Upon activating the flogger trap.
"Sure, lets climb around inside the big, slimy monster! That sounds like a great idea."
— Upon entering the Apothicon.
"Ya know, I think we should try and be quiet around here. Show some respect."
— Upon entering Nacht der Untoten.
"This brings back some memories. Not all of 'em good. Not any of them to be honest."
— Upon entering Der Eisendrache.

Nikolai Belinski Edit

"We put our fates in the hands of a mad-man. Truly, we have reaped what we have sown..."
— In the Revelations Sneak Peek trailer
"We stand together, now more than ever."
— In the gameplay trailer.
"What happens if I let out of jar? Will it make boom?"
— When holding the Li'l Arnie and about to throw it in the gameplay trailer.
"I have fought bears more scary than you!"
— When seeing the Margwa in the gameplay trailer.

"Extra rubles in pocket always good thing."
— Upon receiving a Double Points.
"Fire works surprisingly well considering current location."
— Upon receiving a Nuke.

"I used to make my wife laugh, it was her favorite thing from me… I should try to laugh more."
— While waiting for Pack-a-Punch.
"You hear one about drunk Russian? Of course you have! It's fucking stereotype! What if I were Scottish? (mocks Scottish man)"
— While waiting for Pack-a-Punch.

"I save gum for when I need it. Or when I want it."
— Upon purchasing a Gobblegum.

"1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6, 7, um, uh 9? I lost count!"
— When killing many zombies.

Takeo Masaki Edit

"Unimaginable evil... manifests all around us. So much of the past has returned, but what of our future?"
— In the Revelations Sneak Peek trailer
"The final battle has begun."
— In the gameplay trailer.
"Everything has lead to this moment."
— In the gameplay trailer.
"Destiny is not on your side. It is on ours!"
— In the gameplay trailer.

"My chances of survival can change from moment to moment."
— Upon receiving an Assault Rifle.
"A gracious gift for an ungracious task."
— Upon receiving an assault rifle.
"No bullets shall be wasted. Each shall find its target."
— Upon receiving an assault rifle.
"I know more powerful weaponry lies within, but this weapon will suffice."
— Upon receiving an assault rifle.
"Rapid fire vengeance is mine to the last bullet!"
— Upon receiving a submachine gun.
"Honor comes only to those who are truly worthy. I humbly include myself on this list."
— Upon receiving a submachine gun.
"In times that are indeed desperate, I will gladly make use of this."
— Upon receiving a shotgun.
"Their bones will be fragmented across space itself!"
— Upon receiving an LMG.
"Rocket launcher is a weapon of brute force! Desperate times indeed."
— Upon receiving a rocket launcher.
"We have traveled far together, Ray Gun."
— Upon receiving the Ray Gun.
"They will reach new heights, only so they can crash to new lows."
— Upon receiving the Ragnarok DG-4.
"Potential destruction encased within a hard shell, much like each of us."
— Upon receiving the Apothicon Servant.

"Our journey will surely end without more ammunition."
— Upon running out of ammunition.

"Leave this place, demon!"
— Upon killing a zombie.
"Why are you so irritating!?"
— Upon killing a zombie.
"Your destiny belongs in another realm, demons!"
— Upon sucking up zombies with the Apothicon Servant.
"You made little difference in our fight, creature!"
— Upon killing a fury.

"I have overlooked many things. This is not one of them."
— Upon picking up a shield part.

Edward Richtofen Edit

"Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it, Edward, breathe... MAXIS!"
— In the Revelations Sneak Peek trailer
"I do not know if we can survive this place. But I will do my damnedest."
— In the gameplay trailer.
"You contracted a severe case of gravity!"
— When using the Ragnarok DG-4 in the gameplay trailer.

"Mein gott, what have I done? Stop it, Edward, breathe, it's okay... MAXIS!"
— At the beginning of the game on solo.
"Where is he? Where is Dr. Monty? He will help us. Just as Maxis promised."
— At the beginning of round 2 on solo.
"I am so close. We can still avert disaster, we can still set things right. The blood vials will protect me."
— At the beginning of Round 3 on solo.

"It's loud, and it takes a long time getting anything done. But enough about Dempsey!"
— Upon receiving a shotgun.

"I'll do anything to avoid actually buying ammunition. Anything..."
— Upon running out of ammunition.

"I think... I smell (sniffs)...death. Yeah, that's it."
— Upon receiving a nuke.

"When I killed myself, I felt nothing. When we killed Dempsey, I felt something. When we killed Takeo, I knew I had to save them."
— While waiting for Pack-a-Punch.

"What part of 'leave me alone' was not clear?!"
— Upon killing a zombie that hit him.
"Hello, my name's Edward. Remember me from when I KILLED YOU JUST NOW!?"
— Upon killing a zombie that hit him.
"Dissection is my specialty! ALLOW ME TO DEMONSTRATE!"
— Upon killing a zombie with a melee weapon.

"I've seen this before. Just now, right before I picked it up."
— Upon picking up a shield part.
"When life gives you lemons, attempt to weaponize lemonade."
— Upon picking up a part.

Dr. Monty Edit

"Okay, er let's recap a bit, shall we? This was meant to be a new start, really, a perfect world free from all the evil that had corrupted each and every corner of the known and unknown universe. It was going to be a place of safety for our kids, the little 'yous', you, little, well so far so good... But things started to go wrong soon after you arrived. Now I can understand your initial shock coming face to face with Maxis, especially after so long, but you did the right thing. You followed the plan; you brought the Summoning Key here, and you destroyed that bloody machine once and for all. The thing is, Maxis went and ballsed everything up. He heard voices you see, calling to him. It wasn't really his fault, he hasn't actually got his soul yet; all I got was a brain. Anyway, the key thing, as in the thing that is key, is that Maxis fiddled around with the Summoning Thingamajig and accidentally released an even bigger bastard, someone even I didn't know was in there - The Shadow Man: the one and only original harbinger of doom. So, I'm going to be absolutely truthful with you: things have gone way too far out of control. This isn't any vague Woooooooooo evil, we're talking about the Apothicons. The most powerful and evil entities in all the existences that ever existed. And now they're here, in our perfect world. I'm not going to sugar coat things - it's a fucking shitshow."
— In the Revelations intro cutscene
"Okay fellas, if you've been paying attention, or even if you haven't, it should be abundantly clear that things are seriously out of whack. Business as usual, I suppose... Anyway, I'm having a bit of a heated debate with the old Shadowman and his Apothicon pals, and it's making it really hard to keep this reality stable. I mean honestly, look at it! It's practically held together with tape, and bits of string!"
— Said at the beginning of round 6-7
"So, as things weren't bad enough. I'm struggling to maintain my presence. Bloody Shadowman. At least he's in the same boat. How are things going besides all that, hmmm? Making any progress? ...Bollocks. I'm phasing out again."
— Said at the beginning of round 17
"Honestly, if you could see just what was going on outside your realm of perception, it would blow your minds! That's the main reason I kept it back. If I were to give you an analogy, I'd describe it like this: when a duck swims on the water, you only see it glide, apparently effortlessly across the lake. But underneath, as in beneath the surface, it's a whole different story. Its legs are moving like he's pedaling a fucking bicycle up a mountain! Well, that's me right now. I am that duck!"
— Said at the beginning of round 19
"You know, Richtofen's doing pretty well without a soul, I think the one he had was evil, same is probably true of Maxis, better off without. They could spend their days pondering whether or not they have one for all eternity... Oh well, it's a good way to pass the time."
— Said during For The Good Of All
"Look, I know everything's gone to hell in a handbasket but I'm really glad to see Maxis has got himself a bird now. I know she's a little bit drone-y, but I can fix her... I can fix everything. It will be fine, Sophia and Maxis are really smart, they can be a good influence on the kids."
— Said during For The Good Of All

Shadowman Edit

"Please, you must help me. Only together can we prevent the destruction of your world."
— In the Revelations intro cutscene
"I have been watching. I have seen each and every one of your misdeeds. I know who you are. But, questions remain. Why do you do the things you do? What is it that you hope to achieve? Do you not see the futility of your tiny, insignificant existence? You are but fragments of a bigger universe."
— Said at the beginning of round 12
"Has he told you what happens to you? What happens should you win the war? I'll tell you, I'm the only one who'll be honest with you. All of you will simply cease to exist. Despite everything you've done, everything you've fought so hard for. You will simply fade away."
— Said at the beginning of round 22
"Your sins serve only as an invitation. An invitation to an evil beyond your imagination. I will lead the way. I will show you the path. Only through me, the Shadow Man, will you find your redemption."
— After activating a wisp in the starting room
"'Tank' Dempsey. Do you even have a first name? You know so little about yourself. You used to talk to imaginary forces all the time! Forces you thought controlled your destiny. Or have you forgotten that? Of course you have. It's all Monty's fault!"
— When "Tank" Dempsey gets downed.
"Oh Edward, my dear dear Edward. He doesn't understand you. I do. Only through me, the Shadowman, can you find your salvation."
— When Edward Richtofen gets downed.
"Oh Nikolai, are you proud to be Russian? I have to be honest, most of the time you seem very very depressed. You barely even laugh at your own jokes "Russians snipers are best in all of Russia" it's good stuff. You do realize why you are unhappy, don't you? It's all Monty's fault!"
— When Nikolai Belinski gets downed.

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