For the achievement in Call of Duty 3, see Rifleman (Call of Duty 3).

The Rifleman is a multiplayer character class in Call of Duty 3.

This class is adept at medium to long range combat.

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The Allied Riflemen are better with short range than the Axis Riflemen due to the semiautomatic rifle. It is usually best to pop off two quick shots to kill, but more may be necessary for close-quarters hip firing. The M1 Garand becomes much less effective at extremely long ranges.


Axis Riflemen are better with medium range fighting because the bolt-action rifle they carry is slightly underpowered, and a chest or headshot is required to kill. Long-range shots often require two shots to kill, which makes this class very tricky to master because the time to manually cycle the bolt action gives enemies some, but not always enough, time to seek cover. The Kar98k is largely useless in close quarters, so switching to the P38 is necessary in tight areas.