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Rituals of the Ancients is a utility featured on the Zombies map Origins. There are four different objectives the player can complete and each will award the player with a different reward. Once an objective is completed, the corresponding token will appear above the Perk area on the HUD. Players who have completed an objective can go to a Rituals of the Ancients station at Generators 1 and 6 and spend any tokens that they have acquired on the corresponding icon.

Assignments include:


  • Obtaining Double Tap from spending 30,000 points is one of two ways to obtain more than four perks during a game. The other is to use the Golden Shovel to dig up empty perk bottles from special dig sites while in Zombie Blood.
  • The number of headshots required is 115, a reference to Element 115.
  • Templar Zombies that spawn when powering a 115 Generator do not count towards the 115 headshots.
  • The chests take roughly thirty zombies to be filled.
  • It is possible for the player to receive an upgraded weapon even if they already have the same weapon equipped, allowing a player to have two different versions of the same weapon.
  • When a player receives one of the upgraded weapons without having bought a wall weapon yet, the character will make the same quote as buying a wall weapon for the first time.


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