Road to Remagen
CoDFH - Road to Remagen
Previous level Come Out Fighting
Next level Last Bridge Standing
Game Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Character Chuck Walker
Team 1st Infantry Division
Place Remagen, Germany
Date April 7, 1945
Objective Clear entrance to town, Discover if bridge is still intact, Secure City Hall
Enemies Wehrmacht
Multiplayer map Unknown

Road to Remagen is the 17th level in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. The player plays as Chuck Walker as he and his squadmates, including Benny Church, secure Remagen.



The mission starts off with The player and their squad walking down the road talking on their mission, in third person. The perspective changes to first person and they run into German resistance. The player will walk down the alley way and have to experience more Germans down the alleyways.

After the battles with the German resistance is over, the player and their squad find the bridge and see that it is intact. Benny Church radios to HQ to tell them that the bridge is intact. The player and their squad moves toward the bridge experiencing German fortifications and German soldiers on the way.

Soon a two German King Tigers would appear, and the player will be told to search the Rathaus for anti-tank weaponry. Once the player has killed the Germans inside the building and retrieved a Panzerschreck, the player will shoot at the King Tigers where it will be destroyed. Once the King Tigers are destroyed M4 Sherman reinforcements will come to help secure the bridge at the town. The mission ends after the reinforcements comes and the screen fades to black.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout
Found in level


Video Edit

Call of Duty Finest Hour - Western Front, Mission 5 1 2

Call of Duty Finest Hour - Western Front, Mission 5 1 2

Call of Duty Finest Hour - Western Front, Mission 5 2 2

Call of Duty Finest Hour - Western Front, Mission 5 2 2

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