Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara BO
Nickname(s) Bob
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops III (heard only)
Rank U.S. Secretary of Defense
Affiliations United States of America
Nationality American
Status Alive (Original Timeline, as of "Five")
K.I.A. (Agonia Fracture)
Killed By Zombies
Birth June 9, 1916, San Francisco, California (Age 47 in "Five")
Sex Male
Hair Black
Race Caucasian
Death November 6th, 1963, The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, United States (Agonia Fracture)
Weapon M1911, Stakeout w/ Grip, any weapon obtained by the player in "Five".
Timeline Zombies Timeline
Voice Actor Robert Picardo
"Any last words, Mr. President?"
— McNamara talking to JFK in "Five".

Robert McNamara is a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops. McNamara is the Secretary of Defense, serving under President John F. Kennedy.

He appears as a playable character in the Zombies map "Five". His player indicator color is blue; a trait is shared with Nikolai Belinski and Robert Englund.

He is also heard in a radio in the Zombies map Revelations, where he is sending out a distress signal. He states that he is in a janitor's closet while also stating that he fears President Kennedy, Nixon, and Castro have all been killed by the zombies during the outbreak.


Main article: "Five"/Quotes#Robert McNamara



  • Sometimes after killing a zombie, McNamara will say, "Lesson 2: Rationality will not save us"; this is a reference to the 2003 documentary "The Fog of War", in which Robert McNamara shares 11 lessons he learned during his time as Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • He and Richard Nixon dislike each other.
  • Quick Revive is his least favorite perk.
  • He seems to know quite a lot about the perk machines, as an example he says "Double Tap, increases the fire rate by 30%" when buying Double Tap Root Beer.

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