Ryan Jackson: Thanks to the intel recovered at Yamantau, Hudson and Woods learned that the KGB was planning to add a prototype Nova gas dispersal device to an ICBM being tested near Mt. Elbrus. With an imminent test launch on the horizon and no time to make inquries through diplomatic channels, Hudson and Woods had to move fast. Operation Flashpoint in the Baikonur in '63 was a defining moment for Woods, so a mission like this was right inside the old warhorse's wheelhouse...


Woods looks over a wall at the Russian base.

Hudson: I'm in position. When you're ready.

Woods climbs over the wall and lands quietly. He takes out a knife, slices an enemy soldier's neck, and takes his weapon. He fights through 2 small buildings and finds an ICMB.

Woods: I've got a visual on one of the launch vehicles.

Hudson: Great, plant those charges.

Woods places charges on the ICMB.

Woods: It's tight in here. I'll have to detonate remotely.

He leaves the room and finds more enemy soldiers.

Hudson: More headed your way!

Woods fights through and plants charges on a second ICMB. He continues fighting outside.

Hudson: Woods, they're launching the rocket!

Woods: Son of a bitch!

Hudson: The end of the compound! Get over there! Any day now, Woods.

Woods puts C4 on the final ICMB just as it takes off. He presses the clacker and watches as it explodes in the air.

Hudson: Nice work. Never doubted you for a second.

Woods: Kiss my ass.