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Rocket The Hornet's Nest Modern Warfare 2
(Note that his appearance is randomly


Alias(es) Rocket
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Rank unknown
Affiliations Task Force 141
Nationality Canadian
Status K.I.A/alive (player determined)
Killed By Brazilian Militia (player determined)
Hair black
Eyes brown
Race Caucasian
Death August 13th, 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (player determined)
Weapon Randomized assault rifle (M4A1,M16A4)
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Rocket was a soldier who appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and a member of Task Force 141.

Biography Edit

He is seen in "The Hornet's Nest", running up the alleyway with Ghost, Soap, Roach, and Chemo. He could killed by the Brazilian Militia while fighting with the team to the evacuation site that Nikolai is preparing with his Pavelow but could also be saved and be the other soldier in the end get to the heilcopter. Rocket is also seen in the mission "The Gulag" supporting the team sent to capture prisoner 627.


  • It is possible to save Rocket in the mission since he and other random operatives wielding assault rifles could live, with the help of the player. It is also possible to save 141 operative Chemo or other randomized 141 operatives carrying smg's.
  • Often, if the player doesn't kill many of the enemies at the beginning of the level and they go down the street on the right, Rocket will engage in a fierce hand to hand fight with a member of the militia, much like Private Roycewicz in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
    • Rocket will always spawn with an assault rifle.
    • On the back of his vest the player will notice a Canadian flag like on all other Canadian NPC's.