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Ronin Camouflage menu icon BOII
Ronin Camouflage
Unlocked at

20 Double Kill medals with the desired Assault rifle, SMG or pistol.
5 Double Kill medals with the desired Shotgun, Sniper rifle or Launcher.
Destroy 10 player controlled Scorestreak with the FHJ-18 AA.
Get a bloodthirsty medal using only the Crossbow
Earn 5 Revenge medals with the Combat Knife

The Ronin Camouflage is a weapon camouflage skin available in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This Camouflage can only be unlocked after the Kryptek: Typhon Camouflage has been unlocked.



  • In Medieval Japan, Ronin was the name for the samurai without a master; it is possible to see several pictures of a samurai in this camo.

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