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CoD3 Rouen
American vs. German
Urban, large town in France
All game modes supported

Rouen is one of the playable multiplayer maps in Call of Duty 3.


Rouen is the capital city of Normandy, France and (as can clearly be seen) was heavily bombarded during D-Day operations. All of the fighting takes place either in the streets or in the bombed-out remains of buildings. There's plenty of high ground to be taken, including a rooftop that offers a 360-degree view of the main street area. There is a good mix of outdoor and indoor fighting involved, and is small enough for all gamemodes.


The Axis's main spawn is in a two story, mostly intact stone building. Covering fire can come from the 2nd floor, and has a line of buildings right in front of it. After a line of buildings, most of which can be entered, players enter the center of the map. The center has a tall, cylindrical three story building which is also the main building for many gamemodes such as Headquarters or Capture The Flag. The roof of this building can be accessed via a ladder which runs through all stories. After running through the center there is again another line of buildings, again most of them being accessible. Lastly, the Allies' main spawn point, which is slightly more forested and destroyed than the opposite side. There is a rather large wooden two story building here along with a smaller, heavily damaged building right next to it.

In simple terms, Rouen follows the following layout style: Line of buildings, road, line of buildings, center road, line of buildings, grassy road, line of destroyed buildings.


  • The map's title, "Rue Du Rasior" is French for "Razor Road."
  • On the Allies' side, it is unclear how most of the area is destroyed yet the wooden building remains untouched.