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For the former Infinity Ward level designer, see Alexander Roycewicz.
Appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Rank Private
Affiliations 1st Force Recon, United States Marine Corps
Nationality American
Status Alive/K.I.A. (player-determined)
Killed By An OpFor soldier
Sex Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Race Caucasian
Death Day 3, 2011, Al Qunfudhah, Saudi Arabia (The Bog) (player-determined)
Weapon M4A1

Private Roycewicz is a United States Marine under the command of Lieutenant Vasquez, appearing in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


During the attack on Al-Asad's capital city, Roycewicz and Paul Jackson are ordered by Lt. Vasquez to sweep and clear the second floor of a building they assaulted. While going up the stairs, Roycewicz is attacked by a particularly burly soldier. Depending on the player's actions, Roycewicz either lives - as Jackson kills the OpFor soldier, or dies - as the OpFor soldier hurls him to the floor and executes him with a pistol. None of this will happen if the player walks up the stairs first and kills the OpFor.


Rescue Roycewicz (20 Gamerscore) - Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs in "The Bog" of the campaign.



  • Roycewicz was named after a member of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's development team named Alexander Roycewicz and Brian Roycewicz.
  • He can sometimes be seen using an M249 SAW during "The Bog".
  • In the mission "The Bog", after Roycewicz and a random Marine clear out the rooms, Roycewicz's health seems to have dropped to 1 because he will die if the player throws flashbangs at him.
  • If you wound the OpFor soldier on the stairwell, Roycewicz will sometimes grapple the soldier and kill him instead of you.

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