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Ruins Loading Screen CoDG
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Ghosts vs. Federation
Woodland and ruins.
Type of Combat

Ruins is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts that is available in the Devastation DLC pack.

Stages players atop a ruined Mayan temple. 


The map is almost completely close-medium range with the exception of the middle building of the map which can provide a somewhat sufficient sniping spot. Therefore, the map is best for submachine gunsshotguns and assault rifles. The close-range weapons may work better, as the map is mostly close-range; the only real medium range areas are the middle of the map in front of the building building with the sniping spot and behind this building.


  • This map has a Field Order reward that when obtained, a volcano outside of the map erupts. The debris then crashes onto the map, killing any players who happen to be hit by it.
  • A second Field Order, when obtained, allows the player to become the Predator. A Juggernaut box will drop and transform the player into the Predator, equipped with enhanced health, thermal vision, Active Camouflage, a Wrist Blade, and a Plasma Caster. When the Predator is downed, the player automatically initiates its self-destruct device and laughs until it detonates, similar to a K.E.M. Strike that kills everyone on the map.

Easter Egg HuntEdit

Go to the eastern edge of the map above the Federation spawn and look southeast at a temple off the edge; the Extinction Egg will be hanging on the ceiling inside that temple.


  • The ruins themselves feature references to the Predator movies: they include carvings of the Predator's mask, a Predator skull and spinal cord, and a statue of a Predator with a spear.



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