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Appears in Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Rank Private
Affiliations Red Army
Nationality Russian
Status K.I.A.
Sex Male
Race Caucasian
Death October 3rd, 1942
Weapon PPSh-41
"Incoming mortars! Keep your head down!"
Pvt. Sokolov

Private Saadak was a Red Army soldier who fought during World War II in the Battle of Stalingrad, as seen in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.


Saadak fights in the sewers of Stalingrad in order to help the forces at the tractor factory, containing the last T-34 Tank, keep their ground. He meets up with Aleksandr Sokolov and Tanya Pavelovna and charges down the trench towards the factory, only to be hit directly by mortar fire.

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