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The satellite tracking Sgt. Paul Jackson labels him as K.I.A. as a result of the nuclear detonation in the Middle East. As Nikolai contacts Captain Price from Hamburg, Germany, a safehouse in Azerbaijan is analyzed as the SAS team prepares to move in and capture Al-Asad.

Nikolai: The man is a coward, Captain Price. Al-Asad would never sacrifice himself. There is a safehouse in Azerbaijan that Al-Asad has used in the past. I am sending you the coordinates.

Captain Price: Understood Nikolai. Gaz, assemble the team. We're going to Azerbaijan.

Gaz: Yes sir. I hear it's lovely this time of the year...

The satellite tracks Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish in Northern Azerbaijan.


[Day 4 - 02:00:34]

[Northern Azerbaijan]

[Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish]

[22nd SAS Regiment]

The SAS team groups up near the abandoned gas station. A Russian Loyalist flashes a signal to the team with his flashlight.

Captain Price: There's Kamarov's man. Let's go.

They link up with the Loyalist.

Russian Loyalist: Al-Asad is in the village. The Ultranationalists are protecting him.

Captain Price: Perfect. Move out.

As they head up the hill, screams and gunshots can be heard from a distance.

Gaz: What the bloody hell's going on up there?

Russian Loyalist: It's the Ultranationalists. They're killing the villagers.

Gaz: Yeah well, not for long they're not.

They come up the hill and encounter the first groups of Ultranationalists. A shootout ensues.

Captain Price: Soap! Call in air support on that building.

Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish targets an Ultranationalist-occupied building.

Havoc Pilot: Mosin 2-5 here. We're on the way. Standby for air support.

The Havoc suppresses enemy forces in the house.

Havoc Pilot: This is 2-5. We have to refuel and rearm. We will not be available for some time.

The team clears the first set of buildings in the village.

Gaz: Building clear. No sign of Al-Asad. Move on.

They continue to push into the village.

Havoc Pilot: Mosin 2-5 here. We are ready to attack and are standing by for new orders.

Soap continues calling air support.

Havoc Pilot: Mosin 2-5 here. We're on the way. Standby for air support.; The helicopter is on the way. We'll handle it. Out.; This is 2-5, we have the target. Standby.

The Havoc arrives and suppresses the targets.

Havoc Pilot: This is 2-5. We have to refuel and rearm. We will not be available for some time.

If player calls the Havoc during their refueling.

Havoc Pilot: Negative. We are refueling at this time. Standby.; We are rearming at this time. Standby.

One by one, houses are cleared of enemy troops.

Gaz: Building is clear. Move on to the next one.; This building's clear! Let's check the other buildings!; Building clear. No sign of Al-Asad. Move on.; Building clear. Let's check the next one.

They push up the hill, eliminate the hostiles there, and reach a barn at the end of the village.

Price: Remember, we want Al-Asad alive. He's no good to us dead. Let's go.

Price tosses a flashbang in the barn, pulls out his M1911 pistol and kills two Ultranationalist soldiers. He begins to torture and interrogate Al-Asad. The screen goes black as the player hears Price punching Al-Asad.

Price: Why'd you do it? Where did you get the bomb?

Al-Asad: !مو راضي أقلك (I don't want to tell you!)

Price: Who then?

Al-Asad: !مو راضي أقلك (I don't want to tell you!)

Price: Who!? Give me a name! A name! I want his name!

The player's vision returns. Al-Asad is seen tied to a chair as Price gives a hard jabbing punch to Al-Asad's ribs and punches him some more. A cell phone rings, and Price stops. Gaz picks up the cell phone from the ground

Gaz: Sir, it's his cellphone.

Gaz tosses the cellphone to Price. Price listens to the voice on the phone, his facial expressions change to seemingly agitated. Al-Asad starts to struggle on his bindings.

Al-Asad: !لأ! لأ (No! No!)

Price hangs up and drops Al-Asad's phone, pulls out his pistol, and executes Khaled Al-Asad. The screen blacks out.

Gaz: Who was that, sir?

Price: Zakhaev. Imran Zakhaev.

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